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Skydiving in Nepal – The Ultimate Adventure in Nepal

There are hundreds of adventurous sports in Nepal that easily allures the tourist in visiting the country without a second thought. With that saying, Skydiving is a new sport in Nepal which is another reason to come to Nepal if you haven’t ticked off the sport from your buck list already. The fact that differs the skydiving of Nepal from another country is that the country gives a splendid view of all Himilayas with the thrilling experience of being in the sky like a bird.

Sky Diving Nepal

Skydiving is an excitingly intense aerial sport, which makes you experience the rush of adrenaline while jumping off of the chopper. No one can give you the thrill of free fall and fun parachute journey while landing in a drop zone. Along with fun and adventure, sky diving also provides various health benefits.

The sport is mentally stimulating. Since the diving cleanses your mind, may people sees it as a meditation as it makes one focus at one thing at a time. With the viewpoint of giving people extremely thrilling experience and healthy lifestyle, the Nepal government has enlisted skydiving as major sports for adventure lover. As of 2019, there are two spots for skydiving in Nepal. One is located in Pokhara where the other one is in Everest, the highest peak of the world.

How many types of Skydiving are there?

There is altogether two types of skydiving, and they are:

1. Tandem Skydiving

Well, Tandem skydiving is very popular among the mass of people who wants to get the thrilling experience of diving for the first time. During Tandem skydiving a novice skydiver is attached with qualified skydiver via a harness. As soon as the one jumps, the attached instructor controls the free fall and landing. The client with limited knowledge can easily make a Tandem flight. It is a well-known fact that only healthy people are encouraged to take an adventurous tour and travel, so there is also a weight limit to 95 kg for people who are interested in making this flight.

2. Solo Skydiving

As for solo skydiving, the case is quite different from Tandem. Here in this flight, one has to fly all by themselves who have experience & training in free-fall. While making a solo jump, the skydiver leaves the aircraft from a certain altitude without anyone’s help & free-falls at approximately 200km/hr. The skydiver then opens his parachute & descends to the landing zone. This flight is only recommended to those who are experienced and has the license to the flight.

Where can you experience Skydiving in Nepal?

Till date, there are only two places where you can experience skydiving, i.e. Everest skydiving and Pokhara skydiving.

Group Skydiving in Nepal

Everest Skydiving

Flying off of a 7010.4 ft high with chopper just below Everest, and deplaning on the dreamy land of Syangboche (3761.232m) and Amadablam Basecamp (4572 m); is arguably the world’s most exciting aerial adventure. If you are the one who wants to experience free fall around the highest mountain in the world, Nepal is the best option for you.Everest Sky Diving

In Everest, skydiving takes place in front of the highest mountain in the world, Everest. Skydiving in Everest of Nepal has been a dream experience for many thrill-seekers since it began in 2008. The skydiving spot Everest has enlisted itself as 8th best Adventure sports from the world among 50 other sports. One of the popular news channel CNN and Forbes also gave it the heading of “Things to do before you die”.


Some of the companies which provide the skydiving facilities in the Everest area are:

  1. Yeti Trail Adventure
  2. Earthbound Expedition Himalayan Adventure Travel and Tour
  3. Everest Skydive

Cost of Skydive in Everest

Sky Diving Cost

Everest is filled with a number of the drop zone for skydiving junkie. When it comes to cost, it depends on the drop zone you prefer and the company you choose to skydive with. Generally, the cost for two single jumps in a single drop zone is about $25,000, whereas for the tandem jump for the same drop zone is approximately $35,000. Cost of skydiving in the Everest area is not cheap. However, the amount does include impressive services.

The cost of skydive includes the expenses of food, stay in the hotel, government’s permission for the flight, transportation system, gears, videos and so on. Before signing up for the plane, make sure you talk to your company and learn everything about the package.

Pokhara Skydiving

For anyone who is not ready to skydive from the top of the mountain, Pokhara is the best alternative. The splendid view of Annapurna range and the Fewa Lake below is the kind of scenery that you hardly want to miss. Qualified pilots with the aircraft’s skydiving scores, makes your trip to Nepal for skydiving less terrifying and more of a joyful.

Only after two years of the Everest skydiving launch, Pokhara started off the thrilling sport in the year 2010. Ever since, its startup, Pokahara’s Skydiving has been doing great economically. There are hundreds of people visiting Pokhara to experience this antic stunt. Various companies are providing the facilities of skydiving in the Pokhara area.

Compared to Everest, Pokhara has quite a large number of skydiving companies. You can easily book your flight via the companies listed down below:

  1. Nepal Skydive
  2. Explore Himalaya
  3. Lonely Planet
  4. Earthbound Expedition Himalayan Adventure Travel and Tour

Cost of Skydive in Pokhara

Cost of Skydive in Pokhara

If you are hesitant to spend a couple of thousand dollars in Everest skydiving then, you can get a similarly thrilling experience in less investment. Although skydiving is not necessarily cheap, skydiving in Pokhara provides affordable service in comparison to Everest. In Pokhara, Nepali can enjoy the skydive in Rs 70,000 however foreigner should pay around $1000.

The cost also varies on the type of flight you chose. For Tandem skydive, you have to pay a couple of hundred dollars more than a solo dive. So, if you are experienced enough, you can fly alone without bothering to pay more.

Best Season for Skydiving in Nepal

The skydiving is highly-risky sports where the season to skydive is mostly preferred in October and November. While skydiving at Everest, the skydiver can select to come to rest anywhere in between Syangboche Airport or the Khumbu, Ama Dablam.

How to book Skydiving flight in Nepal?

Skydiving flight in Nepal

All over Nepal, There is a number of Travel Company which provides the facilities of skydiving. The only thing you have to keep in mind during the booking is your health (not more than 95 kg weight person is allowed to skydive) and expenses. If you are not ready to fly above the highest peak in the world, then you can start with Pokhara skydiving. Companies given above will easily provide you with the skydiving flights in both the area, i.e. Everest and Pokhara.

How is Skydiving sport flourishing in Nepal?

Nepal has been giving immense importance to recreational and adventures like paragliding and skydiving for a few decades as they are a major source of income in the field of tourism. The hype of skydiving grew even more with the arrival of visit Nepal 2020 campaign. There are no exact data about how many people visit Nepal solely for skydiving, but the number of people flying up in the sky like a jet is increasing. The increase in tourist has surely upgraded the economic condition of Nepal by a few folds.

The advertisement for visit Nepal 2020 is in its full swing. So, we can safely predict that the aim of Visit Nepal 2020 to cross 2 million tourists by the end of the year will reach within the time frame. In a conclusive note, Nepal is doing good in the field of tourism as well as skydiving ever since the devastating 2015 earthquake.



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