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Paragliding in Nepal

Experience Paragliding in Nepal

Nothing can beat the excitement of being up in the sky, soaring like a bird in the thermal baths all the while enjoying snow-capped mountain views, sparkling lakes and lush valleys like nowhere on the earth. Well, paragliding is a lifetime experience with experienced pilots to guide you through the skies. One day you may be flying again, but you will never have the same spectacular views as here in Nepal.

Nepal does provide one of the thrilling paragliding exposure in the world, along with its natural rising thermal. Since 1995, paragliding is one of the major tourists attracting factor and ever since then; the sport is becoming popular every passing day. There is no denying the fact that paragliding has successfully reached the goal of attracting as many tourists as they can in the field of tourism in Nepal.

You can sign in as a novice and put under your belt with plenty of flying hours. Getting up there high in the sky with hawks and experiencing the nature from the closure proximity is the beauty of paragliding in Nepal. Additionally, you can fly with world-class pilots, solo or tandem, and get benefit from cross-country or acro-flying of knowledge.

In Nepal you can even get your international license, isn’t it amazing? Likewise, not having a gear own your own will never be a hurdle if you are flying alone as you can easily hire in Nepal without any hassles. Due to the risk of getting in between the flying path of domestic airlines, you are not allowed to launch as a private pilot. Therefore, familiarizing with and following Nepal’s flying policies and regulations is important.

How much Does Paragliding Cost in Nepal?

Performing this type of adventurous activity needs no experience whatsoever, yet certainly, guts are required. There’s also no age limit from the adventure and experiencing new things in life. But because of the safety factor, it is advised that children and older adults do not try. With that saying a few other things such as costing, pricing does matter while ticking off the bucket list.

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There are altogether 19 paragliding business venture working commercial tandem flights in Pokhara, and despite the choice, there is a fixed price (including transportation and insurance).

The paragliding in Nepal can cost as per the people’s choice of flight. Costing of paragliding can range from Nepali 7, 000 rupees to 18,000 depending upon the companies and type of trips.

There are two types of flights, such as:

Tandem Flight- In Tandem flight you can sit in a different harness in front of the pilot while taking a flight for paragliding, and admire the scenery, take pictures and chat to the pilot during the flight. Apart from a wide gap under your feet, it’s quite easy while paragliding in Nepal. This type of paragliding can cost between 7,000- 9,000 per thirty minutes of flight. Likewise, for sixty minutes of paragliding, it can cost up to 14,000 depending upon the companies.

Solo Flights- From the civil aviation office, you can get a flying permit if you are already an experienced paraglider and want to travel alone. The cost for a self-flying permit is around Rs. 4520 for 15 days which can be renewed upon expiry. It takes approximately 1 hour to obtain a permit, and you must provide them with a passport photocopy, a visa photocopy, a photo of yourself, insurance evidence and a paragliding certificate.

In the same way, the costing of price can also add up if you want personalized video footage while paragliding in Nepal. The cost for paragliding in Nepal is not on a top-notch as per the facilities provided.

7 Best Locations to Experience Paragliding in Nepal

It’s a sight to conquer all the Himalayan peaks in Nepal for every adventure junkie. Nepal has everything from hiking difficult trails to kayaking and rafting over the swiftly flowing river to drive the hunger of adventure which is seeking for one.

Enrich in scenic beauty, snow-capped mountains, green valleys, rivers of white gushing water and more make paragliding in Nepal a lifetime experience worth living at least once. To live up such an adventurous tour, we have listed out some of the locations to experience paragliding in Nepal.

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List Of Paragliding Places in Nepal

  1. Pokhara
  2. Chapakharka
  3. Kot Danda
  4. Kathmandu
  5. Phulchowki
  6. Godavari
  7. Bandipur
  1. Pokhara

Flying up into the sky and experiencing the picturesque view of the pristine lakes, snow-capped mountains and Pokhara is one of Nepal’s best places for paragliding. The adventure junkies can choose flights along with the experienced pilots.

  1. Chapakharka

The other destination for paragliding in Nepal is Chapakharka. See the blue sky in Kathmandu’s Chapakharka as you take off from 2100 meters above sea level. The place is surrounded by greenery and will take in widely spread foliage and pollution-free air to breath in.

  1. Kot Danda

Similarly, Kot Danda is one of Nepal’s best paragliding spots. The Kot Danda valley, which is also a picturesque paragliding place, is another exotic place in Kathmandu valley. This place is 12 km away from the international airport of Nepal, Tribhuwan, apart from being the perfect spot for thermal navigation, this area is also blessed with the finest views of lush green vegetation and birds.

  1. Kathmandu

Kathmandu is one of the best and popular destinations for paragliding in Nepal. Every year thousands of people visit Kathmandu Valley for different adventurous activities. Paragliding in Kathmandu is one of the most amazing events, and you can explore the mountains and landscapes. You must take the experience of paragliding in Kathmandu, Nepal.

  1. Phulchowki

Phulchowki is another hotspot in Nepal paragliding sector. This place is also known as Nepal’s flower valley. The most interesting fact is, Phulchowki is the highest greenery-hill that makes the flight even more adventurous. This is one of the famous mountain peaks surrounding the Kathmandu Valley, making it an excellent spot for risk-takers to paraglide and climb to the top.

  1. Godavari

Settled 10km away from Patan and Kathmandu, this location is for sure for a travel freak. The Godavari is one of Nepal’s finest paragliding spots where travellers can enjoy the thrill of gliding amidst stunning greenery-decorated views of the landscape.

  1. Bandipur

Last but not least, Bandipur is another location among Nepal’s famous paragliding sites offering spectacular views. You can also view the mountain of Manaslu, the top of Ganesh Himal and the Himilayan massif of Annapurna. During Tandem flight you can rely on pilot even though if it’s your first time in paragliding. You can go for an acrobatic tumbling or a peaceful scenic ride. However, ensure you’re wearing boots that support your feet and a comfortable jacket as well.

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Best Season for Paragliding in Nepal

Well, paragliding in Nepal is open throughout the year. However, there is some season which is preferable than others. More than a season, the flight is affected due to weather. Nepal’s paragliding season begins in September and ends at the beginning of June. The weather for paragliding is pretty good from September to June. The paragliding is done almost every day during these seasons.

How to Book a Paragliding flight in Nepal?

There are hundreds of Travel Company all over Nepal that will give you the facility of booking the paragliding flight in your choice of location. Most of the agencies offer courses for paragliders in and around town. Some of the well-known agencies are:

  • Mountain Hawk Aero Sports Club, Pokhara, Nepal
  • Sunrise Paragliding, Pokhara, Nepal and
  • Blue Sky Paragliding, Pokhara, Nepal

Is Nepal Flourishing Tourism in Paragliding Sector?

As the Visit Nepal 2020 campaign is nearing, there is a huge question rising whether Nepal has flourished in tourism paragliding field. However, Nepal is doing great when it comes to paragliding tourism. The number of tourists visiting Nepal to experience the paragliding in increasing each year directly influencing national economic growth.

As per the statistics of tourist’s visiting Nepal for paragliding in Nepal published by the tourism board, the tourist is in an increasing ratio. By the end of 2015, 5,692 visited Nepal for paragliding. The number of tourists visiting Nepal for paragliding increased by a double by the end of next year, making it 14,666 altogether. However, tourist for paragliding decrease by slight number by the end of 2017 making it around 14,384.

Due to the decrease in the number of tourists, many paragliding companies started to advertise their respective company with various facilities. Although the report of 2018 paragliding tourism hasn’t been published yet, it is believed that there has been an increment in a number of tourists.

All in all, tourism paragliding is doing great after the decrease in tourism due to the devastating earthquake in 2015. Gradually, tourism is taking Nepal as one of the safest places to go for an adventurous tour without a second thought.

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