Nepali Panchanga: Daily Nepali Panchang Patro

In this section of Source Nepal, you will find information on the five elements on the Hindu calendar, which are called the Panchanga together. You can find about the Tithi, Nakshatra, Yoga, Karana, Vaar of today and daily updates on this page. The Nepali Panchanga is based on the Hindu calendar, which differs according to the sunrise times in different regions. This section also consists of Nepal Sambat date, Chandra Rashi, Ritu, Aayan, Sunrise/Sunset, Moonrise, and Moonset, which are essential aspects of the Nepali Panchanga. You will find the planetary positions of the different planets in the Solar system and elements of the universe. Source Nepal Nepali Panchanga is your solution to understanding the Hindu calendar in detail.

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What is Panchanga?

The Panchanga Patro is a calendar of the Hindu religion based on the ancient science of astrology. Everything is based on numbers and precise calculations in the Nepali Panchanga, according to the drik ganitha system. The day starts with local sunrise and ends with the local morning of the next day, according to the Hindu Panchanga. The sunrise and sunset times are a significant factor of the Nepali Panchanga that determines the positions of the planets and the different elements. This website gives you the accurate calculations of all the critical astrological elements.

Nakshatra, Tithi, Yog, Karana, Vaar

Every Hindu day comprises of five elements or angas that are Nakshatra, Tithi, Yog, Karana, and Vaar. Tithi called the lunar day, Nakshatra called the star constellation in which at that moment the moon was positioned, Karana called the auspiciousness, Vaar called the weekday, and yoga is taken into account when choosing the muhurta. There are 27 nakshatras, 15 nakshatras, 27 yogas, and seven vaars.

Significance of Nepali Panchanga

  • Helps us to understand the appropriate times to perform significant religious functions every day.
  • The panchanga scheme follows a cycle of 60 years, starting from Prabhava and ending with Akshaya and repeating every 60 years.
  • The sixty years are split into three groups of twenty each.
  • The first twenty belong to Brahma, the second twenty belong to Vishnu, and the last twenty belong to Shiva.
  • Nepali Panchanga 2076 / 2019

    Nepali Panchanga 2076/2019 is Nepal's multi-cultural patro that consists of all the important dates, events and festivals of the country based on the Hindu panchanga and different elements of it. The Nepali calendar follows the Nepali Panchanga Patro for determining all the important events and festivals. The Nepali Panchanga Patro profoundly influences the Nepali rites and rituals and come into play with any ceremonial or religious activities.

    Surya Panchanga 2076

    Surya panchanga means the Sunday of the seven vaars of the week devoted to the god of the sun. It is the day of pure consciousness, integrity, and day of life. Surya Panchanga 2076 signifies positive energy. It is mostly focused on enjoying the works related to nature and embracing peace. It also inspires people to let go of their ego, anger and, violence.