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Paragliding in Kathmandu

One of the most recreational and adventurous sport, paragliding, is taking a massive hype not only in Pokhara but also in Kathmandu. So, to provide better facilities to adventure seeker, from last year, paragliding in Kathmandu also started in full swing. Paragliding in Kathmandu takes place in the Lalitpur district village of Godavari. The paragliding spot is around 20 km away from Kathmandu valley. Trekking a km to Chapkharka after reaching the Godavari, which is a botanical garden, there is flying ground. You can view this location from Phulchowki, hill. The Phulchowki hill is at around 2100 m altitude from the sea level.

Enjoy the power of cruise in the clouds. Sit back and enjoy the spectacular views that only a few people get the chance to the savior. Capture the picture of the scenic beauty with your eyes and save it in the SD card of your memories. The adventurous paragliding in Kathmandu gives you the panoramic view of the highest Peaks and Mountains of the Valley. Likewise, while paragliding in Nepal, one can also get the view of city and valley like an eagle.

Paragliding Companies in Kathmandu

1. Holiday Nepal

Unlike Pokhara, Kathmandu is very new to the concept of paragliding, so there is only Godavari paragliding spot as for now. However, Holiday Nepal has decided to make use of the limited paragliding station to its favor and make the availability of paragliding from the company.

Holiday Nepal has also launched many evaluated incentives and convection tourism plans & schemes with many adventure options amid the splendor of luxury hotels in Nepal. Along with paragliding in Kathmandu valley, encouraging eco-friendly tourism and supporting the conservation and well-being of our environment, culture, and tradition is also one of the smart moves of the Holiday Nepal.

2. Himkala Adventure

Paragliding took the hype at the Godavari in Kathmandu from 2018. You can easily reach the paragliding spot by car from the Kathmandu valley within a few hours of drive. Himkala Adventure provides three different pickups an hour for paragliding. They start their pick up an hour with 8:30 am then at 11:30 am and lastly pick up the passenger at 1:30 pm. Along with Tandem flight, Himkala also provides the solo flight facilities to its client. Additionally, they offer pilots for the training course of the solo flight offering the facilities to the one who prefers to flying solo.

They easily provide the facility of a day adventure where the company drives from Kathmandu to the Godavari and then to Chapkharka. There they paraglide the client, visit the Botanical Garden, and finally return to Kathmandu. The cost of an adventurous sport is very standard. Within the payable range, they offer Private cars to Paragliding place from Kathmandu, twenty minutes of paragliding flight, and also provide flight insurance.

3. Good Vibe Adventure

Another company that provides one of the best paragliding facilities in Kathmandu valley is none other than Good Vibe Adventure. Paragliding experience in Kathmandu sounds thrilling, as well as an exciting ride to explore the magnificent canyon, hills, and scenery. The paragliding place is situated on Lakure Bhanjyang in Lalitpur near the Godavari, which is one and a half-hour drives away from central Kathmandu. This business organization only provides tandem paragliding with views of green hills, trees.

If you are not interested in going solo and enjoying the scenic beauty, then you are going to love the hospitality of Good Vibe adventure. For your thrilling Tandem Paragliding trip in the Kathmandu Valley, please contact Good Vibe Adventure. Along with better paragliding adventure, they also provide you with the pickup and drop facility where the price can be compromised as per the accommodation.

4. Pigeon Travel & Tour PVT. LTD

While enlisting the best travel and tour, we cannot miss out on Pigeon Travel as they provide the finest facility in the town. Along with paragliding in Kathmandu, they also offer various packages for travel junkies. Some of their accommodations include hiking, trek, jungle safari, car rental, educational tour, bungee jumping, paragliding, tour guide, and so on. Among their various facilities, a day tour is more famous among foreigners. Moreover, the review given by the client is excellent.

What is the paragliding Cost in Kathmandu?

Well, the paragliding cost is pretty similar throughout the country. The only thing that can make a change in price is the accommodation and facilities provides by the company. Since Kathmandu established it’s paragliding only a year back, all the companies offer almost similar facilities. All the companies have a highly experienced pilot, a good pair of gears for flight and equipment.

The only thing that makes a change in costing is the kind of flight the client chooses. Usually, there are two kinds of flights. The type of flight are:

1. Tandem Flight

Tandem Flight

This is the kind of flight where the person can have their pilot along with them. The only thing passenger needs to do is enjoy the beautiful view of Kathmandu valley from the eye of an eagle. Tandem flight is costlier as you are provided one flying pilot while you can enjoy natural beauty. The cost for this paragliding ranges from $80 per 30 min to $150 per 60 min. If you want to record your flying journey, then, this may cost you some extra dollars.

2. Solo Flight

Solo Paragliding

Flying up in the sky needs some training and experience, and if you have got one, then book your ticket and fly to Kathmandu. As for the solo flight, only a few companies provide this facility. People who are planning to experience solo paragliding in Kathmandu valley can consult Himkala Adventure. This flight is comparatively cheaper than Tandem flight as you are the one controlling all the equipment without anyone’s help. Most of the time, the solo flight starts at $60.

How much is the Paragliding in Kathmandu cost for Nepalese?

The maximum rate for tourists is USD 120, while Nepalese can fly only in USD 70 during the season of tourists in Kathmandu. However, during the off-season, the cost decrease to USD 70 for tourists and USD 50 for Nepalese. The above cost is for the time duration of 25 min only. The cost increases gradually as the time of the flight increases. If you want to book a ticket for paragliding in Kathmandu, you can consult the above companies. They can easily book a flight for your adventure without any hassle.

Travel Insurance

While seeking for the adventurous tour, it is very important to keep in mind that travel insurance is the most. Nepal government is making a lot of effort in making travel insurance compulsory in the country. So, before booking a flight to paragliding, make sure you have already signed in for travel insurance.


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