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Mount Everest Skydiving

Mount Everest Skydiving: Adventure to the Top of the World

Among 50 adventure sports Nepal’s skydiving has been enlisted as 8th most adventurous event of the world by one of the best news channel CNN and Forbes. Jumping from a 23,000 ft high and docking at Syangboche Airport (12,340 ft) or Ama Dablam Base Camp (15,000 ft) is undeniably the highest commercial aerial diving in the world, making it a perfect sport to add to the bucket list of any adventurer lover!

If you do not have acrophobia then, surely skydiving is one of the most try-out sport. Skydiving not only provides you with a lifetime thrilling experience but also has certain health benefits. For instance, you will be easily coping with impulsive reaction to stress. It also helps you with your communication skills. If you are looking for a place to experience skydiving without much of a hassle, then you suggest Everest Skydiving is the best place for you. So, pack and bag and fly over to Nepal to experience the thrill that rushes your adrenaline.

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Some of the companies that provide the best skydiving experience in Mount Everest are below:

1. Everest Skydive

If you have dreamed of observing the top of the world from closer proximity, then Everest Skydive is here for you to fulfil your dreams. The company gives you services only during October and November of the year. However, from their date of establishment organization has already performed around 350 jumps so far without any fail. Alone in the year 2017, Everest Skydive did 29 jumps. With all the qualified flight attendant and trainer, Everest skydive provides Ultimate Adventure without any compromise. Besides skydiving in Everest, the company also offers various other packages.

2. EarthBound Expedition Himalayan Adventure Travel & Tour

Earthbound Expeditions Himalayan Adventure Travel and Tour is one of the most preferred tourism company. The company also has won the best environmentally and socially responsible adventure travel and trekking company. It’s been 20 years that the company has been serving the client. Along with skydiving facilities, the organization also offer various package ranging from medium to high pricing. The one who has already experienced the hospitality of this organization has also given an excellent review. The company also provides 24 hours facilities to its client without compromise that makes it stand out among the mass of Travel Company.

3. Yeti Trail Adventure Pvt.Ltd

Confused in choosing the right Adventure for skydiving in Nepal? If yes, then Yeti Trail Adventure can be a great choice. They provide the facility on a top-notch at a very reasonable price. The organization is located at Nayabazar, Kathmandu which is 6 km west of Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA). Some of the services provided by the Yeti Trial Adventure company are:

  1. Trekking in Everest, Langtang, Annapurna, Manaslu and Kanchenjunga.
  2. Day tour in Kathmandu, Lumbini, and Pokhara.
  3. Arrival and Departure tourist bus facility to Airport.
  4. Car rental with or without driver.
  5. Day hiking around Kathmandu.
  6. Guide, porter service.
  7. Chitwan Jungle safari tour.
  8. Sunrise day tour.
  9. Paragliding tour.
  10. Bungee tour.
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Mount Everest Skydiving cost

There are few drop zone in Mount Everest, and the cost for skydiving depends upon the drop zone you prefer. Usually, the cost of a single jump in a single drop zone is around $25,000. The price of the skydive is also highly influenced by the kind of skydiving you prefer. Skydiving costs may also vary from company to company. However, the change might be slight to non-existent. There are usually two kinds of skydiving that are practised in Nepal. They are:

1. Tandem Skydiving

In this type of skydiving, the skydiver gets to fly with a trainer who will help during their flight. Both of them are linked together with the help of a harness. Most of the people who have very less knowledge of skydiving prefer this kind of flight. They do not have to control the flight except to enjoy the scenic beauty of nature.

Tandem skydiving is a couple of hundred expensive in comparison to solo skydiving. In Mount Everest skydiving, the cost ranges in between $33,000 to $3700. For sure skydiving around the world’s tallest mountain is not cheap yet, the services provided by the company make-ups the amount of money spent on the skydiving. Most of the organization provides the facilities of food, hotel, transportation, gears and so on.

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2. Solo Skydiving

If you are an experienced flight attendant and want to fly above Mount Everest, then the facility is highly recommended. However, not many companies provide the facilities of solo skydiving due to the risk that can have. Although it is not recommended by most of the companies, those who provide the facilities it is performed at a very low cost compared to tandem skydiving. Usually, the single jump in the single drop zone is around $25,000. In this cost, you can easily find the hotel accommodations, gears, transportation and so on.

How to book a ticket for Skydiving Flight to Mount Everest?

Are you planning for adventure trip to Nepal? If yes, book your flight to skydive in Mount Everest via the companies given above. They provide spectacular offers and discounts with guides to help you get the best service.

Do you need to have Travel Insurance?

Well, the Nepal Government has emphasis all the tourist visiting Nepal to get travel insurance beforehand. Insurance has been more emphasis on the one seeking for adventure and thrill. You can easily find the travel insurance company so, and we highly suggest you get one.

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