Nepali Date Converter

We are trying to provide the sufficient information on Nepali date converter, B.S to A.D converter, A.D to B.S converter, English to Nepali date converter, and Nepali to English date converter in this section. You will be more familiar with our Nepali Miti Pariwartan tool after you go through this page.

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Use of Nepali Date Converter

Nepali date converter converts the Nepali date into English date and vice-versa. It is the date converter between Bikram Sambat and the Gregorian calendar. Nepali date today is normally followed by the government officials but mostly the English calendar is used by most urban people.

B.S to A.D Converter

The Bikram Sambat date is easily converted to A.D using this Nepali date converter. After finding the exact English or Nepali date you can easily make day to day planning. You can also look up the dates of any Nepali holidays and plan ahead. You can view the both Nepali and English date and compare these dates according to your ease.

A.D to B.S Converter

The A.D date can be easily converted to Bikram Sambat date using this Nepali date converter. It can be used to convert the birth date, historical Nepali date, passport-visa date, date in document etc. You can also check the Nepali date and year that you are born in.