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Weather of Nepal in November

Overview – Weather of Nepal in November

Weather can vary from place to place. It is never constant as the weather can be bright and sunny one day, whereas the other day, the weather might change and rain without warning. Yet, the weather condition of Nepal during November is quite warmer thought-out the country. November is the duration in between autumn and winter, so, the weather condition is chill and warm during this time.

The weather of Nepal in Mountain Region during November

Even though November is the middle of autumn and winter, Mountain region does experience cold days. During the day, it is warm with a slightly foggy sky. But as the day turns into evening and night, the weather changes drastically into cold nights with a clear sky. The maximum and minimum temperature is 18°C and -3.3 °C respectively in this region.

Nepal Hilly Region Weather during November

Well, as the altitude decreases for the weather also get warmer. So, as for the hilly reason, the weather condition is mild. At day time you can always get access to sun unlike Himalayan region whereas during the evening and night the weather gets chilly. During the first week of the month, few days could get rainy as it indicates the change in season during that time, the temperature might fall up to 12 °C.

The Weather of Terai Region of Nepal during November

As we all know, the Terai region falls in the hottest belt of Nepal. Although November marks the start of the winter season, Terai reason says otherwise. During November the average temperature is around 27 °C. The weather gets fluctuate by the end of November. Even though the days are hotter, the night is quite chill during November in Terai region.

Overall, the weather of Nepal during November is neither too cold neither too hot where nights are chill most of the time marking the start of the winter season.



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