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Nepal is a country with a high percentile of Hindu devotees. With the rich and vast history, we have a different approach to s and forecasting. According to Hindu prognosticators, the position of celestial bodies significantly affects your life be it love, economy, and well-being. And it's not that they only find out the problem, but guide you towards the direction that minimizes them. These religious professionals are known as Gurus or Jyotish in Nepali, and they are the significant sources of Nepali Rashifal.

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Astrology is an essential subject for Hindu devotees. The origins of astronomical studies started thousands of years ago. The knowledge has passed down to generations with the help of Vedas, the religious scripts of Hindus. In Nepali language, Zodiac is known as Raashi, and we also share twelve categories like the rest of the world. Our zodiac signs as compared to the western signs are Aries (Mesh), Taurus (Brish), Gemini (Mithun), Cancer (Karkat), Leo (Simha), Virgo (Kanya), Libra (Tula), Scorpio (Brischik), Sagittarius (Dhanu), Capricorn (Makar), Aquarius (Kumbha), and Pisces (Meen). People get categorized in these twelve parts as per the location of the constellation during their birth.

Astrology is the first thing a person consults before starting something new in Nepal. Be it marriages, home shifting (Ghar-Pooja), baptism (Nwaran), first-meal ceremony (Pasani), or any business inauguration, Nepalese people consult the right time and location with Gurus. When a baby is born, the exact time and planet positions are marked and provided a Nepali Rashifal according to the criteria. Precisely speaking, the location of the moon significantly affects this process.

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Nepali Rashifal Patro

For non-Nepali readers, the title means a calendar that shows Nepali Horoscope. So, why do we have a whole schedule separated for Nepali Horoscope? Well, the position of the moon during birth greatly determines the interest, health, behaviour, and reactions of a person. This study of the personality dynamics is called "Chandraraashi". According to our cultural roots, planets indicate the range of circumstances and a person inevitably falls under the influence of these circumstances. Everything we experience between our birth and our final breath gets influenced by planets. The Nepali Rashifal Patro is here to provide you with such crucial aspects of your life with the help of Nepali horoscope. The Vedic astrology places Nepali Rashi ahead of other Kundali points. It is the study on which your character, future, and nature depend upon.

Why is Nepali Rashifal Patro Important?

We have already discussed the importance of Astrology and birth signs in Nepal. Therefore, a calendar that clearly shows these predictions undoubtedly gets the importance of status. Religion is something that stands on the pillars of a belief situation, but the Nepalese society has blended with the actions that emerge from religion. Nepali Rashifal is one of those dominant examples. After all, there are no definitive proofs to the study. But, the importance has never faded from our minds. From Millenials to the new generation, we cannot deny that we have referred to Nepali Rashifal Patro at least once in our life.

Nepali Horoscope

NHere is an exciting thing about the Nepali Horoscope. We do not categorize people based on their birth month, but the first letter of their name. Pretty exciting, right? People get their designated horoscope and follow the daily predictions accordingly. These twelve topics provide regular updates on the favourable and unfavourable conditions for the readers. It is not that they put random projections under the titles. The Horoscope readings are done and printed under the observation of Hindu astrologers who have graduated on that particular study.

Nepali Horoscope or Nepali Rashifal has become an integral part of Nepalese society. The first thing people notice in newspapers is the daily horoscope readings. Truth or not, the texts set the mood for Nepalese readers. They often get printed under the Nepali Rashifal Today category.