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Nearby Resorts in Kathmandu

Overview of Resorts Near Kathmandu

Vast numbers of resorts are established and even establishing nearby Kathmandu because of the massive growth rate of tourism. You can find the cheapest and expensive resorts near Kathmandu depending on your budget. The term resort refers to a hotel property that provides amenities including entertainment and recreational activities which pleasures most of the visitors.

The main difference between a hotel and a resort is that hotels are just a place for lodging while a resort allows for more privacy, entertainment, and experiences during your stay. It is constructed keeping in mind about different recreational activities favored by the people. Resorts have become very popular in Nepal in recent years with the growth in the tourism industry. These resorts work to provide the best facilities and experiences to their visitors.

15 Best Locations In and Around Kathmandu Perfect For a Weekend Getaway

As appealing as spending time in Kathmandu (mainly when you’re here for the first time) is, the chaos insights, crowds, and sounds might trigger your senses quick. Fortunately, there is a multitude of appealing locations around the city for a perfect escape from the big city’s hustle and bustle.

Whether you are looking for ultimate comfort or need an adrenaline rush, one of the magnificent resorts near Kathmandu Valley is there to greet you with open arms.
We have drawn up a list of 15 best resorts near Kathmandu to assist you with your weekend getaway when Kathmandu becomes a bit overwhelming.

List Of 15 Best Resorts Near Kathmandu

1. Namo Buddha Resort

Namo Buddha Resort

Located on top of a hill just outside Kathmandu Valley, Namo Buddha Resort is one of the best-kept treasures of Kathmandu. This relaxing getaway, nestled back among lush greenery is one of the best resorts near Kathmandu. Other amenities at Namo Buddha Resort include a big, sun-lit hall that is perfect for yoga courses, lectures and meetings, and a secluded library that overlooks colossal mountain ranges. We believe these attractions are enough for you to want to escape to this beautiful location. This tranquil location has so much to offer that we recommend exploring all that this location has to offer.

What To Do:

Visit the sacred stupa of Namo Buddha; tour the monastery of Thrangu Tashi Yangtze, the Panauti heritage site and Dapcha; follow a picturesque trek to the villages of Balthali and Phulbari.

Average Price Per Night

  • USD 110


  • Namo Buddha Resort, Phulbari – 1, Kavrepalanchok, Nepal

2. The Last Resort

The Last Resort

The Last Resort is one of the best resorts in Nepal set atop vast terraced landscapes, anchored above the raging Bhote Kosi River on an elevated cliff-top gorge and covered by dense forest and pristine woods.

The hotel has an elegant dining hall with centuries-old wood carving, uniquely made in local rock, timber, and charcoal. The resort offers exquisite home-style cuisine.

Whether you are seeking thrilling sports or just a relaxing weekend in nature, The Last resort is your perfect getaway to one of the best resorts in Nepal.

What To Do

  • Drink at the comfortable Instant Karma counter; partake in several adrenalin-pumping activities such as bungee jumping, canyoning, and white water rafting.

Average Price Per Night

  • USD 70, this doesn’t include adventure sports if not booked earlier.


  • Bhote Koshi River Gorge, Sindhupalchowk, Nepal

3. Hotel Mystic Mountain

Hotel Mystic Mountain

If your perfect getaway is nature fused with luxury, you have found just the right spot. Nagarkot is an ideal location favored by travelers and local people alike. This extravagant resort offers you a luxurious experience between the luscious green forests of Nagarkot. Enjoy the sunrise and sunset chilling in their deluxe suites and outdoor lounges and swimming pool.

The hotel overlooks the valley and gives you the most extraordinary views. The services here will help you relax and experience the finest luxury resorts around Kathmandu.

What To Do

  • Visit Nagarkot Tower, Temple of Nyatapola and the Bhaktapur Durbar Square

Average Price Per Night

  • USD 130


  • Baluwapati, Nagarkot, Nepal


4. Bunjungle Adventures Resort

Bunjungle Adventures Resort

Bunjungle resort is one of the best and affordable resort just outside of Kathmandu valley in the hillsides of Kakani. The treehouse resort is your perfect location for a relaxing weekend amidst a natural environment. Bunjungle Adventures Resort overlooks a garden and offers proximity to the Kakani View Park.

The resort allows you to experience nature up close in a pleasant and refreshing environment.

What To Do

  • Camp around the resort, Hike in the Kakani area, Visit the Kakani View Picnic Park.

Average Price Per Night

  • USD 20


  • Kakani, Nuwakot, Nepal.

5. Park Village Resort

Park Village Resort

Resting in the lap of Shivapuri National Park, Kathmandu, Park Village Hotel by KGH Hotels & Resort provides exceptional accommodations to travelers looking for a perfect weekend getaway. The resort has an outdoor swimming pool and playground that offer the best enjoyment to the guests. The outdoor/ indoor restaurant is ideal for enjoying a meal.

The hotel has extravagant rooms with fantastic views of greenery and nature in all its glory. You will find a common sitting area in the hotel available for the guests. Every room in the facility are exceptional and are perfect for relaxing and unplugging for the weekend.

What To Do

  • Hike to Shivapuri National Park, tour the monastery of Khawalung and the Budhanilkantha Temple

Average Price Per Night

  • USD 100


  • Budhanilkantha, Kathmandu, Nepal

6. Chitlang Organic Village Resort

Chitlang Organic Village Resort

Chitlang Organic Village resort is one of the best resorts in Nepal if you are looking to experience the local lifestyle of people in Nepal. The resort is just outside of Kathmandu in the Makwanpur district of Nepal.

The resort lies in the Chitlang village of Nepal where the local people represent the rich culture of Nepal. The village is full of greenery, and this affordable resort in Chitlang is your best choice to experience the local lifestyle while enjoying the fantastic facilities of the resort.

What To Do

  • Hike around the trails of the Chitlang village, Camp amidst the local town and forests, cycling and exploring the local lifestyle.

Average Price Per Night

  • USD 20


  • Chitlang VDC, Makwanpur, Kathmandu

7. Herb Nepal Farm Stay

Herb Nepal Farm Stay Resort

Herb Nepal Farm Stay located in Bhaktapur, is one of the very different resort experiences in Nepal. It is a creative and organic farm which has a variety of plants and animals and provides the experience of a training based organic farm.

The site provides both instructions in techniques of permaculture and lodging. They operate with Nepali producers to introduce organic processing into impoverished rural societies, viable land-use, and green manufacturing.

The resort gives you the perfect village experience with homes made from rammed earth. This resort provides the ideal environment for you to relax and enjoy the organic expertise in one of the best resorts in Nepal.

Average Price Per Night

  • USD 100


  • Naichal, Aashapuri, Bhaktapur, Nepal.

8. Meraki Wellness Retreat

Meraki Wellness Retreat Resort

Meraki Wellness Retreat, located in Budhanilkantha, symbolized as a magnificent development of nature, introduces itself as an exquisite destination of discerning indulgence in health and wellness. Situated amid the Kathmandu Valley’s beautiful landscapes and endowed with Shivapuri National Park’s thick tropical forest, the resort provides divine comfort. We can experience the real significance of hospitality, embracing state-of-the-art paradigms to enhance and enrich the importance of life.

If this experience in the lap of nature doesn’t sound perfect, we know just how to get to you. The resort has luxury rooms constructed for your comfort, exquisite views, a sauna, spa, a garden, and whatnot. This resort near Kathmandu is perfect for spending your weekend focusing on wellness away from the city hassles.

Average Price Per Night

  • USD 140


  • Budhanilkantha Narayanthan, Budhanilkantha, Nepal

9. Peaceful Cottage Nagarkot

Peaceful Cottage Nagarkot

Peaceful Cottage Nagarkot is located in Nagarkot hill station, Nepal. It is 2 km from Nagarkot Hiking Trail, 5 km away from Nagarkot View Tower and 31 km away from Tribhuvan International Airport.

The rooms available in Peaceful Cottage Nagarkot Nepal are standard double/twin room, economy rooms with pine view room and 360 view room. This resort facilitates a 24 hours room service and is one of the best holiday resorts near Kathmandu.

What To Do

  • Nagarkot rock climbing, camping, panorama hiking trail, and Nagarkot Everest view paragliding.

Average Price Per Night

  • USD 65


  • Nagarkot Hill Station, Bhaktapur, Nepal

10. River Fun Beach Resort Pvt. Ltd

River Fun Beach Resort

River Fun Beach Resort Pvt. Ltd is located in Butter, Kuringhat, Nepal. It is in the Trishuli River Valley in the middle of Pokhara and Chitwan and is about 87 km driving from Kathmandu.

The Rooms in River Fun Beach Resort are luxurious with eight deluxe rooms, nine deluxe safari rooms and more than 60 river beach tented camp.

Some of the facilities provided by the River Fun Beach Resort are transportation services, STD & ISTD phone services, self kitchen services, rafting facilities, BBQ, bar and music system. This is one of the best resorts if you are looking for a riverside location.

Average Price Per Night

  • USD 90


  • Kurintar, Gorkha, Nepal.

11. Gokarna Forest Resort

Gokarna Forest Resort

It is the best resort near Kathmandu valley for one night located in the greenery of the Gokarna Protected Forest. The Gokarna Forest Resort features a blend of styles inspired by Malla and Rana periods, offers impressively spacious rooms which are in traditional Nepalese style. Other facilities include a golf course, lush spas, a gym, and a swimming pool.

What To Do

  • Forest walks, bird watching, cycling, playing golf, cart tour, enjoying jungle paintball games, etc.

Average Price Per Night

  • USD 130


  • Rajnikunj, Thali, Kathmandu, Nepal.

12. Himalayan Height Resort

Himalayan Height Resort

Himalayan Height Resort nearby in the touristic area of Dakshinkali. The resort promises a relaxing, and a pleasant visit featuring a big list of amenities.

It is designed for comfort, with selected guestrooms offering no-smoking rooms, desk, balcony, shower to ensure a restful night. You can enjoy hiking trails, yoga room, sauna, massage, garden, before retiring to your room for a well-deserved rest. The Himalayan Height Resort caters your needs with the professional staff and attractive facilities.

Average Price Per Night

  • USD 110


  • Hattiban, Lalitpur, Nepal

13. Araniko Village Resort

Araniko Village Resort

Araniko Village was established in 2002 and is a family-run hotel located in Bhaktapur close to the old cultures and rural life of Bhaktapur. It allows guests to experience convenience and learning during their stay.

The locations near Araniko Village are Kathmandu Fun Valley Park, the UNESCO world heritage site, Bhaktapur Durbar Square, Doleshwor Mahadeva Temple, Pilot Baba Ashram (7.7 km) and world-famous Changu Narayan temple (25 km).

Average Price Per Night

  • USD 40


  • Araniko Highway Basghari, Bhaktapur, Nepal

14. Bojinee Nagarkot Resort Pvt. Ltd

Bojinee Nagarkot Resort

The Bojinee Nagarkot Resort is one of the more affordable resorts in Kathmandu Valley. It has been able to cater to the needs of customers who come here for recreational activities and holidays. You can experience magnificent views of sunrise and irrigation dams, hiking events, cycling, medication, and several Lok Dohori programs from here.

What to do

BBQ facilities, Mountain biking, hiking, and trying several local as well as continental cuisines.

Average Price Per Night

  • USD 80


  • Nagarkot, Bhaktapur, Nepal

15. Shivapuri Village Resort

Shivapuri Village Resort

Shivapuri Village Resort is about 25 km away from the busy city of Kathmandu, a location for visitors to get some fresh air and be close to nature. The resort has lured the attention of many people from different parts with its physical infrastructure and great natural scenario.

What To Do

  • People can go for hiking inside the villages.
  • It is famous for its biking destination.
  • There are many birds in the Shivapuri National Park, and bird watching is another activity done by the people.
  • Yoga and spirituality are performed to gain medication.
  • Camping is done to spend the night.
  • You can relax the whole day.

Average Price Per Night

  • USD 70


  • Patiswara, Nuwakot, Nepal.



Resorts in and around Kathmandu have become popular in promoting both domestic and international tourism. These are only a few among the vast list of resorts around Kathmandu. Explore this incredible valley and the resorts around it for the best experience during your time here.


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