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Tattoo Price in Kathmandu, Nepal: An Expert’s Guide

Stepping into the vibrant streets of Kathmandu, it’s clear that the tattoo culture has left an indelible mark.

From intricate traditional designs to contemporary artsy impressions, tattoos have become a popular form of self-expression. However, before rolling up your sleeves, it’s essential to understand the Tattoo prices in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Tattoo Price

Factors Affecting Tattoo Prices in Kathmandu

Every tattoo tells a story, but the cost of that narrative can vary based on several aspects:

  1. Size and Complexity: A minimalistic wrist design will cost less than a full sleeve. The tiny tattoo price in Nepal generally starts at a modest rate, but intricate details can amp up the price.
  2. Color or Black and Grey: Monochrome tattoos are typically more affordable than their colourful counterparts. Why? Coloured tattoos require a broader range of inks and often more time.
  3.  Artist’s Experience and Reputation: Established artists with a substantial portfolio may charge more than newcomers. Their expertise often ensures precision and quality.
  4. Studio’s Location and Popularity: Rent and overheads in prime Kathmandu locations can increase tattoo prices. Moreover, studios with high demand due to their reputation might have higher rates.
  5. Duration and Sessions Needed: Tattoos that demand multiple sessions will naturally be pricier. Each session factors in the artist’s time and resources.

General Pricing Guidelines

To give you a clearer perspective:

  1. Small Tattoos: Generally compact and less detailed, the small tattoo price in Nepal can range from NPR 1,500 to NPR 5,000, depending on the design’s complexity.
  2. Hand Tattoos: The hand tattoo price in Nepal has gained traction, with costs varying from NPR 3,000 to NPR 15,000. Hands, with their constant exposure, often demand intricate care from tattoo artists.
  3. Large Tattoos: These detailed pieces, like back or chest tattoos, can range from NPR 10,000 to NPR 50,000 or even more.
  4.  Custom Designs: Personalized pieces tailored to one’s story can vary widely in price. They blend the artist’s creativity with personal memories, making them unique.
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The Ultimate Tattoo Price in Nepal Breakdown

Tattoo Type/DescriptionSize in inches (2″)Size in inches (4″)Size in inches (6″)Average Price (NPR)
Basic Small Tattoo1,5002,5003,5002,500
Hand Tattoo7,0009,00011,0009,250
Colored Tattoo8,00010,50013,00010,812
Custom Design9,50012,00014,50012,250
Tattoo Touch-up2,0002,8003,6002,800
Aftercare Products550 (Not size-based)550
Tattoo Removal (per session)6,0007,5009,0007,500
Tribal Tattoo4,0005,5007,0005,500
Portrait Tattoo8,50011,00014,00011,167
Watercolor Tattoo5,5007,5009,5007,500
Geometric Tattoo6,5008,00010,5008,333
Japanese Traditional7,5009,50012,0009,667
Minimalist Tattoo3,0004,0005,0004,000
3D Tattoo7,0009,50012,5009,667
Lettering/Quote TattooVaries based on designVaries based on designVaries based on designStarting at 2,500

Actual prices differ based on intricacy, colour, artist’s experience, and studio reputation. Always consult with the tattoo studio for an accurate estimate. If you want to know the potential cost of a tattoo, use this tattoo price calculator tool for a comprehensive estimate.

Kathmandu vs Other Cities: Tattoo Price Comparison

While Kathmandu, the capital city, might have slightly elevated prices due to higher operational costs, cities like Pokhara have their tattoo scene.

A quick comparison suggests that the tattoo price in Nepal Pokhara is somewhat similar but can be slightly lower due to the town’s laid-back nature and lesser commercial hustle.


Tattoo Removal in Kathmandu

Regrets or changes in personal preferences can lead to tattoo removals. The tattoo removal cost in Nepal is higher than getting one.

Removals can range from NPR 5,000 to NPR 20,000 per session, depending on the tattoo’s size and colour spectrum. Check out this guide on tattoo removal for more insights.

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Tips for Budgeting for Your Tattoo in Kathmandu

  1. Research First: Before settling, explore various studios. Websites and social media platforms can offer a wealth of information.
  2. Initial Consultations: Schedule a visit to your shortlisted studios. Discussing your ideas in person gives clarity on costs.
  3. Anticipate Additional Costs: Some tattoos may require touch-ups. Also, invest in quality aftercare products to ensure the longevity and vibrancy of your ink.

A tattoo is not just a piece of art; it’s an investment in oneself. Understanding the Tattoo Price in Kathmandu, Nepal, is paramount whether you’re eyeing a small emblem or a grand narrative. Prioritize quality over cost, and wear your story with pride. 

Are you inspired to get inked in Kathmandu, or perhaps you’ve already got some tattoos and want to add more?

We’d love to hear from you! Share your tattoo experiences, designs, and stories in the comments below.

And if you found this guide helpful, don’t forget to share it with your friends contemplating their next tattoo.

Your journey and insights could be the nudge someone needs to embark on their tattoo adventure.

Dive in, start a conversation, and celebrate the art of tattooing together! Drop your thoughts below. 🖋✨👇🏼

1. How much does an average tattoo cost in Kathmandu?

The cost varies based on design and complexity, but a basic tattoo might start from NPR 1,500, with prices increasing with size and detail.

2. Do tattoo prices differ between Kathmandu and other cities in Nepal, like Pokhara?

Yes, while Kathmandu, being the capital, may have slightly higher prices due to operational costs, cities like Pokhara might offer tattoos at a somewhat lower rate due to a more relaxed pace and fewer commercial expenses.

3. What factors influence the price of a tattoo in Kathmandu?

Factors include the tattoo’s size, complexity, colour vs black and grey, the artist’s experience, studio location, and the number of sessions required.

5. How does the size and complexity of a tattoo design impact its price?

Larger and more intricate designs demand more time, effort, and materials. Thus, they are priced higher than simpler, smaller plans.

6. Are there any hidden costs when getting a tattoo in Kathmandu?

It’s essential to discuss all costs upfront. Some studios might charge extra for aftercare products or touch-up sessions.

7. Do established tattoo artists in Kathmandu charge more than newcomers?

Generally, yes. Renowned artists with a strong portfolio and reputation can charge a premium for their expertise and experience.

8. What is the approximate hand tattoo price in Nepal compared to other body parts?

Depending on design and size, hand tattoos can range from NPR 3,000 to NPR 15,000. They might be pricier than other areas due to their visibility and the complexity of skin texture.

9. How much should I budget for aftercare products and touch-ups?

Aftercare products can range from NPR 300 to NPR 1,000. Touch-up costs depend on the studio, but it’s always wise to set aside around 10-20% of the initial tattoo cost.

10. Is the tattoo removal price in Nepal significantly higher than getting one? How many sessions might I need?

Tattoo removal is usually costlier, ranging from NPR 5,000 to NPR 20,000 per session, depending on size and colour. The number of sessions varies based on the tattoo but expect at least 3-10 sessions for complete removal.

11. Are custom tattoo designs more expensive than pre-drawn designs?

Typically, yes. Custom designs require artists to invest time creating a unique piece, thus incurring higher costs.

12. Do tattoo studios in Kathmandu offer consultation sessions, and are they free?

Most reputable studios offer consultation sessions. Some may offer them for free, while others might charge a nominal fee, which could be adjusted against the final tattoo price.

13. What’s the average small tattoo price in Nepal? Does it vary a lot from studio to studio?

 A small tattoo might range from NPR 1,500 to NPR 5,000. Prices do vary based on the studio’s reputation and the artist’s experience.

14. How can I get a fair price for my tattoo in Kathmandu?

Research, read reviews, visit multiple studios, and compare their portfolios and price quotes. This will give you an idea of the quality you’re receiving for the price.

15. Do tattoo prices in Kathmandu include aftercare products or services?

Only sometimes. It’s essential to ask beforehand. Some studios might include aftercare products in their package, while others might charge extra.

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