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The Weather of Nepal in March

March Month Weather Forecast of Nepal

March indicates the start of warmer season or weather of Nepal after cold winter months. With the beginning of March, the weather gets warmer day by day, and the environment starts looking fresh all over again. The average temperature in March during day time is around 26°C (79°F) whereas the average minimum temperatures drop down to 5°C (41°F). The day also elongates to 8 to 9 hours, unlike winter days.

The weather of Mountain Region During March

Mountain region experiences cold weather throughout the year, yet during March the days gets warmer even in high altitude. March is the time of the year, where Nepal’s national flower blooms in this region and greenery can be seen. The weather of March is considered as one of the best seasons for mountaineering and trekking in Nepal.

The weather of Hilly Region During March

March is the time of the year, where the weather gets pleasant and sunny all day in Hilly region. A huge number of tourist visit’s Nepal due to the favourable weather condition. As the day goes on, by the end of the month we can experience the increase in temperature by a few °C. Yet, the overall temperature in the Hilly region is mild.

The weather of Terai Region During March

In the same way, Terai also experiences warm weather during the month of March. Being the lowest belt of the country, the Terai region is way hotter than Hill and Mountains. Around 12 hours of sun is seen during the day time in this month as the days gets elongated and night shortens. Although it is quite hotter in Terai region overall, the weather condition of Nepal is favourable in the month of March.

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