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Valentine Day in Nepal – Romantic Way to Celebrate, Quotes and Gift Ideas

How Valentine Day is Celebrated in Nepal

Valentine’s Day falls in February according to the western calendar, but here in Nepal, we commemorate the day on the month of Magh (according to the Nepali calendar). We have our name for the day too, which is Prem Diwas or Pranaya Diwas. Whatever the calendar position or moniker, the day symbolizes the same for all of us, i.e. Hatred and Death! Just kidding, Valentine’s Day in Nepal is the day we appreciated our loved ones and go that extra mile to show them the love they deserve.

Valentine Day

Celebrate Valentine Day in Nepal on 14th of February

Truth be told, Valentine’s Day is not a Nepali festival. This does not mean that we do not care for our loved ones, but the trend of appreciating love on this particular day is a western custom. Regardless, thousands of men and women look forward to celebrating this day every year. A typical Nepali teenager might struggle for a while to give you the exact date of our local festival, but he will not miss the exact time of Valentine in Nepal. You never know, he might throw you his whole schedule of the Valentine Week. Despite being a western influence, Valentine Day in Nepal gets celebrated on a bigger scale than you expect.

Everyone has a different kind of definition for romanticism. But, here are some essential tips to enhance your Valentine Week this year in Nepal.

Spend Quality Time With Him/Her

With the special day nearing on the calendar, most people start panicking. They want to make their Valentine week perfect and often lose interest if things don’t go well. Its love we are talking about. Loosen yourself up and let the day surprise you as well. Just spend time with your loved one. Also, keep in mind the word “quality”.

By quality, I don’t mean expensive but the attention you give your partner on the day. Take your significant other to a cute date filled with love and care. Flowers, good food, and wine seem a bit cheesy, but they show them in movies for a reason. The dinner date has continued for generations but still packs the punch it did back in the days. Who doesn’t love to fill their stomach while gazing on the eyes of their beloved? Make sure you don’t spill the food, though.

Okay, we get it. You are an introvert, and the whole dinner date plan makes you sweat more than your exams. Another option is a home date. Wait a minute, before your mind wanders off to bedroom sessions hear me out on this one. Do you like a movie which goes direct to its final fight or you love some story build-up before the main action?

Exactly, set up candles in your house. Binge-watch romantic series or movies with your date with popcorns to keep your mouths busy. Provided that both of you love cooking, try making a new recipe. Season the dish with a pinch of love and support, and there you have it, a couple-dish. What I would suggest is that you avoid distractions like internet and phone calls. Invest the day on each other, and at the end of the day, you will enjoy your “you-know-what” even more. Trust me!

Express Your Love to Your Soulmate

Yes, the calendar has provided you a whole week for this activity. Step out of your comfort zone and propose the girl you have been eyeing for an entire semester. You might get rejected, but at least you tried, and that is what matters. You have the right to love someone, but so do they. Never look down on someone if they do not feel the same about you.

Remember, love is about watching your back through the thick and thin and compromising a little if it serves your relationship more. This Valentine week, do not shy away from appreciating your partner and the bumpy ride you rode together. Tell your boyfriend that you love watching him play the guitar or talk about his passion. Maybe gift him a pair of new strings. Guitarists, you are welcome!

The same applies to boys too. Don’t complain if she gets a little behind on her meeting schedule. Maybe she tried a little more on her appearance that day for your sake. Instead, give her a genuine and warm compliment and tell her that she looks beautiful. Humans love compliments, and when our partner appreciates your efforts, Congratulations, you have just gifted him or her the best Valentine’s Day gift ever.

Give Your Partner a Token of Love/Gift

Valentine Day Gift

Boys, your wallets are going to thin down on this week so prepare yourselves. Jokes aside, gifts are a way of expressing love to your partner. They are not something mandatory but think of it like a seasoning that enhances the quality of the food. Let’s face it; we all like when someone gifts us something from the heart.

When it comes to Valentine’s Day in Nepal, roses and chocolates take their place in the first position of the gift list. Girl’s love pleasant smell so gifting her flowers and chocolates makes sense. For boys, his favourite video game or book might do the task. Men are relatively easy to figure out when compared to their opposite gender. If you have been dating for a while, you will certainly know about his or her area of interest. Pick a suitable gift that enhances your partner’s mood. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Enjoy Your Valentine’s Day Alone

Do you think I would leave out the singles? Okay, some people just do not fit in the couple and dating category. Of course, some of us do not have partners for this Valentine’s Day or have always been single.

So you want to celebrate Valentine in Nepal, make some time for yourself if you do not have a plan. The last thing you want to do is feeling lonely and depressed. Remember, we all have a soul mate but finding the right partner takes time. Don’t fret over the fact that someone found his “the one” before you. Take your time.

Also, make a Valentine for yourself. You can work on your Valentine ideas and not worry about another person’s opinion. Take a day off from your work, watch your favourite series or go hiking to bond with Nature. Unless you go to a dating spot, everything will be fine.

Valentine Quotes for Boyfriend and Girlfriend

Valentine Day Quotes

Thinking about surprising your partner with a quote full of love and caring? We got your back. Here are some ideas that will help you choose the right quote for the right day. We will also include the name of the person who contributed his or her thought for the special day.

List of Valentine Day Quotes

  • Your flaws are perfect for the heart that’s meant to love you – Trent Shelton (football player).
  • All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt- Charles M. Schulz (Cartoonist).
  • Without Valentine’s Day, February would be…. well, January- Jim Gaffigan (Comedian).
  • Each time you love, love as deeply as if it were forever- Audre Lorde (Civil Rights Activist).
  • A true lover always feels in debt to the one he loves- Ralph W. Sockman (Pastor).
  • Gravitation is not responsible for people falling in love- Albert Einstein (Do I need to introduce this guy?)
  • And suddenly all the love songs were about you- (Unknown but worth mentioning right?)
  • A flower cannot blossom without sunshine, and man cannot live without love- Max Muller (Philologist)

Valentine Day in Nepal: Ideas for Nepali Couples

Valentine Day in Nepal is exciting. The secret meetings and giving a rose to your loved ones with a blushed face makes this day more romantic and heartwarming. You certainly do not want a blog to plan out your special day, but here are some ideas to enhance your experience of Valentine’s Day in Nepal.

Go Hiking

Wait, what? I can’t make my girl walk up hills with heels! Calm down, plan this kind of date only and only if both of you love hiking. Some partners just love the thrill and sweating through physical activity (I don’t mean it any other way though). Crossing steep paths with your partner and watching the sunset while holding hands sounds so romantic.

Maybe spend the night and enjoy your breakfast with your loved one. Go to Nagarkot, Poon Hill, Chandragiri, or any other hilly destination to enjoy Valentine day in Nepal. Let Nature decorate your Valentines date.


Ahh! Sailing with your love and spending hours quarrelling who will take the row next. Wait, that is not what I meant. Gazing in each other’s eyes as you sit across each other on the boat that mindlessly sails around the lake is pretty romantic if you ask me. You can find this option in the major cities of Nepal and choose the best destination to celebrate Valentine day in Nepal. Be it Markhu, Fewa Lake, Begnas Lake or any other water reservoirs, take your significant other on a romantic boat ride.

Garden of Dreams

Okay, both of you hate going to distant locations. Garden of Dreams is a place for a couple who like to spend their day talking and flirting minus the hassle of walking or riding too much. It is located in Kathmandu and provides a cheap and romantic location for new partners too shy to spend a night together. The only thing you got to make sure is to avoid another couple; otherwise, the whole experience becomes cringy and awkward.

Public Dating

No, no, I am not encouraging a couple to make out in public. By free dating, I mean going to a restaurant or any preferred eatery and sharing food with him or her. You can plan out the date ahead by booking a seat for you and choosing the dishes that make your love happy. This is a more applicable date if both of you are working jobs.

Well, these are some of the few suggestions. You can make your kind of plans according to your partner’s interests. Valentine’s Day in Nepal is yet to get accepted by traditional society. Some people view this culture as an evil influence on teenagers. Just make sure, you do not go overboard and get carried away with drinking and abusing partners. Other than that, Happy Valentine’s Day in advance to all of my Nepali brothers and sisters.

A Brief History on Valentine’s Day

Valentine Day History

Valentine’s Day History

The day gets its name after Saint Valentine, a Catholic priest who gained popularity in the 3rd Century with his deeds. The Roman priest is remembered today for his admiration of the sacred bond called love.

The story starts with Romans converting to Christianity. During that time, Rome was ruled by Emperor Claudius II, and he had strict laws on what Christians could and could not do. He believed that Roman soldiers who remained unmarried were better assets in the battleground and thus, forbid soldiers from tying the holy knot.

As for Valentine, he believed in love and the power it possessed. He started marrying these soldiers with their partners in secret. The priest eventually got jailed and executed as a criminal for performing marital rituals against the law. As it happens, he got killed on the 14th of February, 270.

Some 200 years after the incident the day got marked as Valentine’s Day by the then-ruling pope. By that time, Rome had settled down, and Christianity had grounded its roots. Valentine started getting linked with romantic love in the middle ages by the poet Chaucer. The custom slowly spread across Europe and people began organizing gatherings on the 14th of February. The meetings included people reading love poetry and playing flirtation games.

As time passed on, the customs and traditions changed. Valentine’s Day in the modern era gets linked with expression of love between family members and peers aside from romantic couples. Parents have started leaving chocolates for their children as an element of surprise.

Couples mainly send red roses and chocolates for their loved ones and enjoy a whole day appreciating each other’s presence. The meeting can also include indoor or outdoor picnic sessions and light drinking. This February, make a memorable Valentine’s Day in Nepal with whatever resources you possess because memories are beautiful when you look back at it. May you and your partner get blessed by the God of love, Cupid.


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