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Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Outbreak in Nepal 2020

What is The Scenario of Corona Virus in Nepal?

Nepal is weak when it comes to global disease outbreaks. With unstable Government and medical service prices rising yearly, people are under the shadow of a slowly lurking problem. Still, the Nepal Government has taken some steps to prevent the transmission of this virus into the country.

There are two major institutions involved in the control of Novel Coronavirus in our country- The Sukraraj Tropical and Infectious Disease Control Hospital (STADH) and Epidemiology and Disease Control Division (EDCED). They have initiated the screening process on passengers flying in from countries like Japan, China, and Thailand. Some of the other hospitals assigned by the Nepal Government for this case are Bir Hospital, Civil Hospital, Patan Hospital, and Tribhuwan University Teaching Hospital (TUTH).

Ironically, since we have a single International Airport, the task has become a bit easier. A health desk to detect the infection of this virus is deployed at the Tribhuwan International Airport. Looking at the records till the 27th of January, 2020, three cases of Corona Virus have emerged on national news. These are the only nationally recognized cases of coronavirus in Nepal.

The names of the patients are hard to find, but a student around the age of 32 got confirmed of the infection not so long ago. Also, two other patients; a male (28) and a female (48) got admitted in Shukraraj Tropical and Infectious Disease Hospital and are undergoing treatment in the isolation ward as suspects.

One another case emerged the news on the 31st of January. A man approached professionals at the BP Koirala Institute of Health Sciences in Dharan for treatment. Sources reveal that he went to the hospital after suffering from high fever and pain in his throat.

As it seems, he had just returned home from South Korea and got admitted in the emergency ward. The Emergency ward in-charge Dr Gyanendra Malla shared that the patient got transferred from Dharan to Kathmandu immediately due to infection doubts. To tackle the problem, the hospital in charge of the patient has formed a separate coronavirus rapid response team. The team constitutes of twelve members and are trying their best despite the lack of modern medical equipment and safety measures. They are working day and night for the suppression of coronavirus in Nepal.

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For Nepali citizens, it is best to include some everyday hygienic habits in their daily practices. Our country lacks the facilities for proper treatment and Government support for this outbreak. The only rational thing we can do is share information among peers and family members and help the prevention of coronavirus in Nepal.

Let’s get to know the origins of this Coronavirus

With Swine Flu and Ebola finally settling down as threats from the world health red zone, a new form of illness has started haunting the world. This time, the virus is home to China. Considering the population and pollution in China, a disease outbreak is not that surprising. But, the situation seems a bit is alarming this time. Yes, the whole panic starts with the introduction of a genetically mutated virus known as Novel Coronavirus.

Coronavirus Origin

The virus got reported on the 31st of December 2019. The virus remained unknown for a few weeks before getting its name. Biologically speaking, the structure is comprised of a genetic material surrounded by an envelope and protein spikes. Under the microscope, the whole structure looks like a crown. In Latin, the corona is the term for the word crown, and hence the virus got its name.

Since the virus is new to the world, the information provided in this article can change as the investigation gets more intense. But, we can provide some information so that people can understand this alien disease a bit more clearly. All the facts included in this article traces back to trusted sources and freshly collected credentials.

Effects of Novel Corona Virus

To this date, all the effects related to this virus starts as a respiratory problem. People do not know the flip side of the coin, though. As it happens, the coronavirus can also cause gastrointestinal problems. The latest outbreak generally inclines to the respiration family.

Coronavirus is a new type of virus no doubt, but the human race has encountered the mutated form of this virus twice as far as history suggests. The Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Corona Virus, commonly known as SARS-CoV, haunted China in 2003. The Government eventually came up with the antidote, and the situation settled down. Later on, the transmission medium got identified as Civet cats.

Another encounter in the Middle East Respiratory Coronavirus that emerged from Saudi Arabia in 2012 (MERS-Cov). Research confirms that Camels played as the critical catalyst for human transmission. The situation did not pose the same level of threat as SARS, but still, the country had some casualties. These two cases provided a lot of research material on nature and the evolving nature of this virus.

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Where Did the Corona Virus Come From?

Coronavirus Discovery

The Chinese Doctor Who Tried To Warn Others about Corona virus

From past experiences, we can conclude that a particular species in the animal kingdom helped in the transmission of this virus. The problems have expanded over a few weeks, but scientists are still skeptical on the exact species that helped in the Novel Coronavirus spread.

The process of virus transfer from animals to humankind is called “spillover”. Viruses are surely minuscule, but the sole reason they lived through thousands of years is their adaption capability. As it happens, they can genetically mutate themselves to survive and find a suitable host. So, the evolution process of viruses is directly proportional to the evolution rate of our medical sciences.

The novel coronavirus is just a new mutation of the virus we have yet to find the cure to. Professionals have speculations on the source of this virus, but definite proof is unavailable. Bats have recently emerged as the topmost suspect in this whole case.

The medium is not the only thing we are unaware of this case. We also do not know the exact dynamics of transmission. Since the virus affected people’s respiratory system, preventive measures have inclined to air-borne spectrum. Generally speaking, respiratory illnesses gets transmitted through droplets when the infected individual coughs or sneezes. Another medium of transfer is touching of contaminated objects.

Symptoms and Prevention That You Should Take For Corona Virus

Coronavirus Symptoms and Safety Measures

The cases of infection to this day divides signs into sub-divisions of mild and severe. Sweet examples include symptoms of fever, cough, and shortness of breath. These might indicate the virus on its early stages and the most prone stage to get neutralized.

However, the severe case is a whole another chapter to cover. The symptoms are harsh and might lead to death. The patients initially show signs of pneumonia which in turn leads to kidney failure. So, carelessness to the symptoms can cause the loss of a loved one.

The diagnosis of this disease gets performed with a test called PCR or Polymerase Chain Reaction. The whole identification process is dependent on the genetic fingerprint of the virus. With increasing cases of infection around the globe, professionals are working day and night on the termination of this new outbreak. Sadly, we do not have any vaccine or treatment for the problem.

The only thing we can do now is prevention. According to current statistics, the virus has a limited geographical spread. We can include some easy habits in our schedule to protect ourselves. Generally, covering your mouth while sneezing or coughing with the help of medical masks, tissues, or by flexing our elbows will help you and the ones around you against infection.

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The whole point is the protection of your eyes, mouth, ears, and nose, which act as a gateway to your body. Also, limit close contact with people that are feeling unwell. With vaccination development in process, try not to take chances. Include proper use of masks and other appropriate protective equipment in your daily lives.

At home, wash your hands regularly with soap or alcohol-based hand rubs to prevent infection from foods. The opposite is also equally important. Animal products should be thoroughly cooked before consumed. Washing your hands after touching animals or animal products is also crucial in the prevention.

Who is More Likely to Get Infected from Corona Virus?

We have already discussed animals helping in the virus spreading process. So, the people who come in regular contact with animals and work in the live animal market are prone to contamination. Since the transfer medium is still unknown, medical professionals attending the Coronavirus patients are equally in danger. Similarly, family members have higher chances of getting infected as they come in contact with the patient.

So, if you feel unwell and have breathing problems, immediately contact medical professionals for advice and checkups. If the test comes out positive, be sure to share your previous travel history for future reference.

Corona Virus across the Globe And Even in Nepal

China is currently the home to this virus. So far, there are 2,744 cases confirmed in different parts of the country. With medicine still under investigation, death toll reaches eighty. To minimize the damage, the Chinese Government has enforced the ban on wildlife trade across the whole country. All the Government and non-government institutions are closed until the 2nd of February, 2020. Travelling to and from Wuhan city is restricted along with twelve other nearby towns.

We have a list of confirmed cases around the world as per the latest statistics:

S.N Country Total Death
1 China 425+ Counting
2 Australia 5 Confirmed Death
3 Thailand 8 Confirmed Death
4 Singapore 4 Confirmed Death
5 France 3 Confirmed Death
6 Vietnam 2 Confirmed Death
7 USA 5 Confirmed Death
8 Japan 4 Confirmed Death
9 Africa 1 Confirmed Death
10 Malaysia 4 Confirmed Death
11 South Korea 4 Confirmed Death

Date: 4 February 2020

The scenario of Coronavirus in Nepal is still in its budding state but prevention is always better than cure.

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