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Pornography in Nepal: An Unseen Social Paradigm

Nestled amidst the grandeur of the Himalayas, Nepal is known for its rich culture, diverse traditions, and liberal values.

Yet, a paradoxical reality exists within its digital sphere – the prohibition of pornography in Nepal.

Despite its liberal image, the country houses a stringent policy towards adult content, leading to the ban of porn sites in Nepal.

This juxtaposition of liberalism and censorship sets the stage for engaging discourse about the country’s social, legal, and ethical dimensions of adult content consumption.

The Unexpected Trend: How Porn Sites OutSpace News in Nepal 

In an intriguing revelation, people visit porn sites more than news in Nepal. This trend and ongoing debates around the effectiveness of porn restrictions in curbing violence against women highlight an intricate socio-political landscape.

Critics argue that the ban on adult content is a populist tactic by the government, diverting attention from their failure to conduct adequate investigations and ensure justice in cases of violence against women.

Comparing Viewership: News vs Porn in 2023

Digging deeper into this phenomenon, data from SimilarWeb, a global website ranking platform, unveils startling facts.

The platform’s 2023 data reveals more Nepali visitors to porn sites compared to leading news media sources like Kantipur NewsNagarik, and The Himalayan Times.

This comparison underscores the hidden yet substantial demand for pornography in Nepal, despite the government’s concerted efforts to restrict porn sites in Nepal.

A Shocking Wake-up Call: The Rape Case that Jolted Nepal 

The heart-wrenching Case of Nirmala Panta, a 13-year-old girl from the Western region of Kanchanpur, shattered the quiet tranquility of Nepal.

The rape and murder case in July 2018 served as a chilling wake-up call, highlighting a disturbing pattern of sexual violence in the country.

The incident sparked massive public outrage, leading to protests and violent clashes with police authorities, resulting in a boy’s tragic death.

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Dissecting the Statistics: The Unsettling Data of 2020

Digging into the chilling statistics, Nepal Police reported 144 rape cases and 687 cases of attempted rape from March to August 2020 alone.

During this period, 1,221 women and girls fell prey to such horrendous acts, amounting to an average of seven victims daily.

This unsettling data underscores the pressing need to address sexual violence in Nepal and shed light on the potential societal implications of pornography consumption. Learn more.

The State Responds: Nepal’s Ban on Adult Websites 

In the aftermath of the incidents that sent tremors through the nation, the government of Nepal felt compelled to take drastic measures.

The government declared a sweeping ban on porn sites in Nepal from September 24, 2018, to counter the perceived negative impacts of adult content.

The directive, initiated by the Nepal Telecommunications Authority (NTA) under the direction of the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology, was a controversial response to the clamor for action against the rising tide of sexual violence in the country.

This reaction underlines the government’s stance on pornography and its perceived connection to societal issues.

A Guide to Safe Browsing: Accessing Adult Sites in Nepal 

Despite the government’s stringent measures, specific strategies allow safe access to adult content in Nepal.

The key lies in understanding the various methods to navigate the restrictions, considering the country’s laws and ethical considerations.

However, it is crucial to note that despite the widespread ban, the desired effect of curbing sexual offences has yet to materialize.

The statistics for 2022, as discussed earlier, reveal no significant decline in reported cases of sexual violence following the ban’s implementation.

The Ban in Action: An Overview of the Blocked Websites

After the ban, the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology successfully blocked over 25,000 websites featuring explicit content.

The ministry continues to identify and ban websites that host or feature pornographic content or wording, with Rishi Ram Tiwari, the joint secretary and spokesperson, regularly updating on the progress.

These efforts underscore the government’s commitment to enforce restrictions on pornography in Nepal.

Navigating Restrictions: How to Watch Porn Safely in Nepal

For those wondering, “How can I watch porn safely in a country that bans pornography like Nepal?” there are solutions.

It’s important to remember that while circumventing restrictions might be technically possible, users must consider these actions’ ethical implications and legality in their jurisdiction.

Step-by-step Guide: Using a VPN to Access Adult Content

One effective way to bypass the ban is through a Virtual Private Network (VPN) installed on various devices like desktops, Android phones, or iPhones. 

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ExpressVPN is popular due to its advanced security features and ease of use.

Here’s a simple guide to using a VPN on your Android phone:

Open the Settings on your phone.

  • Tap on Connections (or Network & Internet), then More Connections, and select VPN. Alternatively, use the search engine in your Settings app to find VPN.
  • Find the VPN you want to edit and tap on Settings.
  • This should open the VPN app or the settings menu, allowing you to edit the settings.
  • Remember to tap Save once you’re done.
  • Alternatively, you can directly open your VPN app, turn it on by tapping the country location to choose a server, and select where you want to browse from. The VPN app provides various locations, such as the USA, Canada, UK, India, Germany, etc.

Beyond VPNs: How to Access Banned Sites Safely and Ethically

There’s another, more technical, method to access blocked adult sites in Nepal without a VPN. According to a popular answer on Reddit, one can modify their DNS server addresses to achieve this:

  • Navigate to your Start Menu and select Control Panel.
  • Proceed to Network and Internet settings.
  • Choose Change Adapter Settings.
  • Conduct a right-click operation on your connected Wi-Fi network, then opt for Properties.
  • Identify and select Internet Protocol Version 4 or Version 6, based on preference.
  • Tap on the Properties option.
  • Record any pre-existing DNS server entries for later use.
  • Choose the option “Use The Following DNS Server Addresses”.
  • Substitute the current addresses with the DNS addresses:
  • For IPv4, use and
  • Click OK, then Close.
  • Restart your browser.

You’re all set! You should now be able to access all the blocked porn sites in Nepal. Remember, your actions should always respect your location’s laws and societal norms.

A Broader Perspective: A Look at Things Banned in Nepal 

Delving beyond the scope of pornography in Nepal, the country has a unique list of banned items that make for exciting reading. These bans, encompassing diverse items, showcase the government’s proactive approach towards societal and public health concerns.

Red Bull Energy Drink: A Public Health Concern

In 2019 the Nepalese government banned Red Bull Energy Drink due to public health concerns. This action was taken in light of the potential health risks associated with the excessive consumption of energy drinks.

Ducati Vehicles: A Noise Pollution Issue

Vehicles from Ducati, the renowned Italian motorcycle-manufacturing company, also find themselves on the ban list.

The reason? Their loud exhaust sounds. Nepal maintains strict regulations regarding the customization and modification of vehicles to mitigate noise pollution.

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Foreign Liquor: A Response to the Economic Crisis

In the wake of the Covid-19 crisis, importing foreign liquor was banned to address the burgeoning economic crisis in Nepal. This measure aimed at supporting domestic industries and stabilizing the country’s economy.

Cryptocurrency: A Question of Ethics

Despite the global surge in the use of cryptocurrency and its trading, Nepal has deemed it unethical, banning its use within the nation.

This stance reflects the country’s cautious approach towards this digital asset due to potential concerns about its volatility and misuse.

Surrogacy: Ethical Dilemmas

Surrogacy, the practice of an agreement to bear or deliver a child on behalf of another couple, is also banned in Nepal.

The law considers this act unethical, reflecting the country’s traditional views on childbearing and parenthood.

On a Personal Note

These bans paint a unique picture of the country’s regulatory landscape, shedding light on the varied nature of the forbidden things within Nepal’s borders.

Frequently Asked Question on Topic – Pornography in Nepal

1. Is pornography banned in Nepal?

Yes, the Nepalese government banned all adult websites in Nepal from September 24, 2018. The decision was taken in response to a perceived increase in sexual offences in the country. However, no significant evidence exists that the ban has effectively curbed these incidents.

2. How can I access porn sites safely in Nepal, a country that bans pornography?

Despite the ban, there are technical ways to access adult content in Nepal, such as using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) or changing your DNS server addresses. However, users should know the legal and ethical implications of such actions in their jurisdiction.

3. What are some of the other things that are banned in Nepal apart from porn?

Other than pornography, the Nepalese government has also banned certain items due to various reasons. These include Red Bull Energy Drink due to health concerns, Ducati vehicles for noise pollution, foreign liquor to cope with economic crises, cryptocurrency due to ethical concerns, and surrogacy, which is considered unethical.

4. How does Nepal’s ban on porn compare with other countries?

Many countries impose certain restrictions on pornographic content, but Nepal’s outright ban is relatively stringent. The government’s decision reflects its concerns about sexual offences, although data has not shown a decrease in such incidents following the ban.

5. How do people in Nepal respond to the ban on porn?

The reaction to the ban on adult websites in Nepal has been mixed. While some support the government’s stance as a necessary measure to curb sexual offences, others argue that the ban infringes on personal freedoms and does not address the root causes of such offences.

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