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The Weather of Nepal in May

May Month Weather Forecast of Nepal

May is one of the hottest time of the month. Even the night time temperatures remain quite high during this time period. The May weather of Nepal has an average daytime temperature is about 30 °C ( 86 °F) while the average minimum temperature drops to about 20 °C (68 °F) during the night.

The weather condition of Mountain Region in May

Yes, its true mountain region experience cold days throughout the year. However, in comparison to any other month of the year, May is close to hot in this region. The temperature gets hot during the days and night becomes chill in May.

Nepal Hilly Region Weather in May

As we slip down the altitude, we can find that the temperature rises, making both the days and night hotter. Most of the places get covered with greenery during this time of the month. However, the May month weather of Nepal is not appropriate for vacation and trekking due to extremely hot weather condition.

May Weather of Terai Region of Nepal

As mentioned above, May bring out the scorching weather in the Terai region of Nepal. The weather gets even more extreme as we get near the sea level, i.e. Terai Region in case of Nepal. Most of the people do not get out of the house during days due to the hot temperature. The temperature can exceed up to 40 °c during the mid-day.


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