Weather of Nepal in January

Nepal January Weather

January Month Weather forecast of Nepal

With the starting of New Year, January brings out the coldest days throughout the month. I Nepal, January is the month of the time where people get to experience freezing weather. The average weather of Nepal in January during day time is 7 °c whereas during night time the temperature gradually falls up to 3 °c.

The weather of Nepal in Mountain Region in January

We can obviously assume that Mountain region experiences more cold weather than any other area in Nepal due to its higher altitude. During the night, the temperature also falls to minus and snow can be a regular thing in this region. The snowcapped mountains and cold weather are the attracting factor of January in the Mountain region.

January weather of Nepal Hilly Region

Since January is the coldest month of the year, Hilly region also experiences colder weather. Nevertheless, the temperature of Hilly reason is not as severe as mountain area. Few places of Hilly reason snows whereas most of the places are just cold.

The weather of Nepal in Terai Region in January

January is the month when the Terai region also experiences most cold. The weather gets foggy, and it might last for a week to two weeks in a row without any sun during day time as well. The temperature will drop to minus as well during January. So, people should be careful about their health during this time of the year.

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