Most Popular Sports In Nepal


Nepal has a very long history of sports from the Mall dynasty to present which is the way of entertainment for the people. Nowadays, people are considering sports as a profession and the situation of sports has risen to the international level.

Many practices have been followed by people to enhance the trend of sports and many sports clubs are formed to participate in many tournaments. The popular sports in Nepal are football, cricket, swimming, volleyball, tennis, martial arts, boxing, wrestling, running, weightlifting, basketball, badminton, and golf.

Here Are The List Of Most Popular Sports In Nepal

1. Football


For a long time, football has been popular in Nepal and has huge fans. The All Nepal Football Association (ANFA) was established for the development of the game and is responsible for the success of the game.

It is said that the Ranas introduced football in the country and the then prime minister Padam Shamsher started Ram Janaki tournament from the year 2004 which increased the public interest in the game. After the democracy in 2007, Nepal Police Force was able to get the hat-trick win of the tournament named the Martyr’s Memorial League Tournament and handed over to ANFA. There are many football clubs which are categorized as A Division, B Division and C Division clubs.

2. Cricket


Cricket is another popular game in Nepal which was introduced in the 1920s when the Ranas returned from studies in England and India. The Cricket Association of Nepal was formed in 1946 which is funded by the Asian Cricket Council and has provided the indoor practices against the challenging weather of the country.

Team of Nepali players usually participate in an international tournament and has promoted the team in the international arena. The Cricket Association of Nepal has become the part of National Sports Council. The playing season of cricket in our country begins from September and ends in November and again begins in March and ends in May.

There are about 429 senior cricket clubs and 227 junior cricket clubs in our country. The international matches are played at Tribhuwan university ground and a new international standard ground is under construction at Mulpani, Kathmandu.

3. VolleyBall


It was May 23, 2017, when it was declared the national sport of Nepal replacing Dandi Biyo. Nepal Volleyball Association asked the government to make it as a national game giving reasons like less space required to play the game and economic feasibility.

It is a very popular sport in our country and is played in every part of the country including the hill, the Himalayan and Terai regions. The government decision about making the volleyball the national game is right as the small area is enough for playing the game.


There are many sports played in our country because of which many foreign tourists are attracted to the country. The Nepalese sports are luring the foreign tourists and the national economy has risen to the peak.