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List Of Futsal Grounds In Kathmandu Valley ( Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, Lalitpur )

A decade back, we played football in large fields with our friends. As much as the sports benefitted our fitness, it helped us pass the time enjoyably alongside friends. As of today, we do not have ample grounds to play football, but we have futsal centres. A popular indoor activity in the city life of Kathmandu valley is Futsal. 

There are many futsal venues in Kathmandu valley. Given below are the futsal venues at Lalitpur, Bhaktapur and Kathmandu which will make it easier for you to search and book when needed. 

Best Futsal Grounds In Kathmandu 

Shankhamul Futsal 

Shankhamul Futsal offers an excellent facility for football matches with its venue in Shankhamul. If you want to book the ground for school, college, office or family matches, you can easily make a booking through telephone.

Phone – 01-4782088, 9841567114
Location – Shankhamul, Baneshwor

Goalz!! Futsal

Goalz!! Futsal resides near Kathmandu Fun Park in Bhrikuti Mandap. If you are looking for a venue for a football match, call Goalz!! Futsal. 

Mobile – 9803641222
Location – Kathmandu Fun Park, Bhrikuti

Buddhanagar Futsal

Buddhanagar Futsal comes in the list of the top futsal grounds in Kathmandu. At this place, you receive two free water bottles for one game.

Phone – 01-4782002
Location – Buddhanagar, Baneshwor

Badminton Hall G4 Futsal

Badminton Hall G4 Futsal has to offer a healthy environment for football matches. The opening hours are from 5 am to 8 pm. The players get free mineral water, and there are significant discount offers for regular customers.

Mobile – 980-3259660
Location – Tarkeroshwor, Manamaiju

Royal Futsal

If you are looking for a venue around Anamnagar, contact Royal Futsal. It offers to book for football matches.

Phone  – 01-5244436, 980-8192257
Location – Thapa Gaun, Anamnagar

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Samakhushi Futsal

Samakhushi Futsal has top-notch artificial grass with rubber granules which will provide a great experience while playing. Experts run the space, and the environment is amicable.

Phone– 01-4363834 
Location – Samakhusi

Manang Marshyangdi Futsal

Manang Marshyangdi Futsal offers one of the futsal grounds in Kathmandu with great offers. The futsal groups even help develop futsal players and form groups.

Phone – 01-6200126
Location – Samakhusi

Dhuku Futsal Hub Pvt Ltd. 

This recreational centre offers semi indoor ground for football training and matches. The whole floor is 5 Aside. You can easily make bookings by telephone. 

Phone – 01-4435832
Location – Sital Marg, Maharajgunj

White Horse Futsal

Established in 2070 B.S near Sukedhara, White Horse Futsal offers 5A side ground with excellent service. There is an adequate changing room for players along with washrooms. You shall find parking space along with proper fencing here.  

Phone – 01-4015067
Location – Sukedhara Nilopool

Surya Futsal

Surya Futsal in Dhumbarahi has an excellent ground for you to play football conveniently. There is proper fencing, washrooms as well as changing rooms. You can do pre-booking. 

Phone number – 01-4371660
Location – Dhumbarahi

Dhanyantari Futsal

Dhanyantari Futsal environment is in proper condition, and washroom & changing rooms are available for players.

Phone – 01-4009635
Location – Dhanawantari Marg, Chabahil

Maitidevi Futsal

Maitidevi Futsal is a popular venue for football matches around Maitidevi area. The ground stays in excellent condition with proper maintenance. The environment is friendly, and you may make pre-booking for social and competitive football games. 

Mobile – 980-3129270
Location – Maitidevi

Shantinagar Futsal

Shantinagar Futsal is famous for its state of the art facilities. Along with the futsal space, it offers a playground for kids. The Futsal stays open from 6 am to 8 pm. You get a jar of water for a match. If you book and play ten games, you receive one free game. There is a cafeteria and parking space here. 

Phone – 985-1188182
Location – Tinkune, Kathmandu

Bhotebahal Futsal

Bhotebahal futsal offers well-maintained futsal ground with adequate washrooms along with changing rooms. PrebookingPrebooking is available, and regular customers can get discount offers.

Mobile – 982-3325282
Location – Tripureshwor

Hardik Futsal Club 2

Hardik Futsal Club is a great place for people of all ages who have a love for football. The ground is in good condition and is regularly maintained. It is in the list of the futsal grounds in Kathmandu.

Mobile  – 986-2580880
Location – Koteshwor

Kirtipur Futsal

If you are in Kirtipur and want to conduct a football match, contact Kirtipur Futsal for pre-booking. The indoor space presents a proper ground along with washroom & changing rooms. There is parking space available. It remains in the list of the futsal grounds in Kathmandu.

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Mobile – 9818149835
Location –  Kirtipur, Nagaun

Rave Futsal Center

Rave Futsal Center offers a beautiful environment for recreation. It is open for college, family and corporate games. They provide you with water for your convenience. And the washrooms & changing rooms remain clean and hygienic. It remains in the list of the futsal grounds in Kathmandu.

Phone number – 014374343, 9841223162
Location – Ekatabasti, Sukedhara

Highway Futsal

Highway Futsal in Jorpati is an excellent recreational centre for you to conduct your football games. Book in advance through telephone and check for availability. 

Phone Number –9808675143
Location – Jorpati-3, Newbasti

Best Futsal Grounds at Lalitpur 

Find the best futsal grounds at Lalitpur here. 

 Harisiddhi Futsal

Harissidhi Futsal offers great futsal experience with its 6A side ground. The ground has proper fencing for partition. And you will receive different offers when you play here regularly.

Contact – 01-5251068
Location – Harisiddhi

Hattiban Futsal Headquarter

Hattiban futsal headquarter has a five A side facility for football games. If you need a venue for the club, college or corporate events, contact this Futsal for it remains in the list of the top futsal grounds at Lalitpur till date. 

Phone– 01-5251490
Location –Hattiban

Champions Futsal

This venue offers high-quality ground turf, lighting, sports lounge and bathroom amenities. The key features include a safe and sound environment, free drinking water, open shower & changing rooms, parking space, eatery and more. It falls in the list of the top futsal grounds at Lalitpur.

Contact – 01-5203998
Location – Imadol

5A side indoor futsal

5A side indoor futsal is suitable for indoor football matches for people of all ages and gender. The venue lets you organize training sessions and tournaments. This venue is among the top futsal grounds at Lalitpur.

Contact – 01-5535453
Location –Sanepa

Prismatic Futsal & Recreation Center

Prismatic Futsal & Recreation Center is open from 7 am to 9 pm. They have a 5 A side ground with proper fences. If you play at least ten games, you get one free offer. The Futsal provides training for school children too. It is one of the top futsal grounds at Lalitpur.

Contact– 01-5521587
Location – Sanepa

Kathmandu Futsal

Kathmandu Futsal at Ekantakuna provides futsal venues for booking for college and corporate matches. The staff professionals keep the foot in proper condition, and the environment is great for playing. It is one of the top futsal grounds at Lalitpur.

Contact –  980-2115981
Location –  Ekantakuna

Best Futsal Grounds In Bhaktapur 

 Find the best futsal grounds in Bhaktapur here.

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Bhaktapur Futsal

Bhaktapur Futsal is one of the top futsal grounds in Bhaktapur residing in a strategic location. The futsal space has excellent turf and clean bathroom & changing rooms. 

Contact– 984-0252869, 01-6610404
Location – Araniko Highway, Sallaghari

Shooters Futsal

Shooters Futsal possesses 5A side ground with good fencing. You will find a parking lot and cafeteria. This venue stays open from 6 am to 9 am. Training is available as it is one of the best futsal grounds in Bhaktapur. 

Contact – 01-6610744
Location – Araniko Highway, Sallaghari

Khwopa Futsal and Training Center

At Khwopa Futsal and Training Center, you may book the venue in advance. The training facility is available for interested people. The staff maintain the place, including the ground, changing rooms and washroom.

Contact number – 01-5177177
Location – Sundarbasti, Jagati

Glory Futsal

S.Glory Futsal offers booking options for college, family and corporate matches in Bhaktapur. The highlights of this venue are the proper lighting, bathroom amenities, changing rooms and high-quality ground.

Contact number– 984-0252869
Location – Radhe-Radhe, Thimi

Imperial Rulz Futsal

For an exciting futsal experience, choose Imperial Rulz futsal. It has one of the best futsal grounds in Bhaktapur with its 5A side ground and excellent ground materials. You get free drinking water and clean washrooms and changing rooms here.

Contact number– 01-6636833
Location – Kausaltar, Bhaktapur

BG Brothers Health Club Futsal

BG Brothers Health Club Futsal is open from 6 am to 9 pm. It remains open on Saturdays too. The venue has two fields. The washrooms & changing rooms are in proper condition. And you are sure to enjoy the serene environment.

Contact number – 984-3505050
Location – Near Town Planning, Kadhaghari

Wembley Goals Futsal Arena

You can directly book Wembley Goals Futsal Arena through phone if you want a peaceful environment and quality service. It is among the best futsal grounds in Bhaktapur.

Contact number – 986-0675627
Location – Lokanthali

Bode Futsal & Training Centre

An excellent game zone for football players is Bode Futsal & Training centre in Bhaktapur.

Contact number – 981-3401628
Location – Bodhe, Bhaktapur

Premium Futsal

Premium futsal is among the best futsal grounds in Bhaktapur to offer proper football ground and excellent services.

Contact details– 984-1567824
Location – Saraswotikhel, Bhaktapur

Healthy Futsal

This futsal centre provides great futsal experience to the players. They offer clean changing rooms as well as washrooms. To regular clients, offers are available. 

Contact details – 986-1613399
Location – Itabu, Suryabinayak

If we have missed any of the futsal grounds? Please let us know on comment section.

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