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Best Yoga Trekking & Tours In Nepal | Yoga Retreat & Meditation Trekking

Trekking, along with yoga and meditation, can truly enrich your experience of the scenic natural beauty of a site with the increased mindfulness and mental peace. Your trekking adventure becomes more fulfilling as you gain more awareness and relaxation. There are travel agencies offering yoga treks in Nepal to different places led by experienced Yoga gurus. They serve your need for a yoga retreat in Nepal. 

The yoga treks in Nepal start on specific dates. You will also find institutes offering yoga retreats in Nepal. There is a choice to plan your own Nepal yoga trek and hire a yoga guru too. Here, we present you six options for yoga treks in Nepal. 

Annapurna Luxury Yoga Trek 

An excellent Nepal, yoga trekking package, is the Annapurna luxury yoga trek which takes you across the Annapurna foothills at the height of 6160 meters. Travellers love the lush green forests with rhododendrons, farmlands, culturally rich Gurung villages, etc. You will have peaceful meditation walks, outdoor yoga and more. 

On this Nepal yoga trekking package, you avail private bath facility, down bedding, cosy blankets, hot water bottle and more. Organic food is available. This yoga retreat in Nepal begins and concludes in the city, Kathmandu itself. 

Sun Koshi Yoga Rafting 

Sunkoshi river is renowned for white water rafting in Nepal. You should go for Sun Koshi yoga rafting if you love adventure and would love to try yoga. This adventure starts at Dolalghat. You practice yoga each day at dawn with your trainer. Note that, it is possible to partake in the evening yoga session too. This yoga trekking package is similar to the standard rafting trip, but it contains yoga lessons with breathing exercises as well. 

Everest Yoga Treks 

One of the famous yoga treks goes around the Everest region. Imagine plunging into the whole Everest trekking experience with mindfulness meditation. If you are someone who likes yoga and trekking, this is the perfect Nepal yoga trek for you. The standard itineraries dictate that you stay in Kathmandu for around two days. After this, the Nepal yoga trek team moves to Lukla via a flight. From Lukla, the trek begins alongside a yoga tutor and a local travel guide. 

During the trek, you shall learn yogic breathing and meditating. It might be a spiritually, rewarding feeling. While this Nepal yoga trek has its challenges, trekkers make unforgettable memories and get invaluable experience. The Everest yoga treks fall in the bucket list of many adventurers. 

Kathmandu Yoga Retreat 

If you are looking for a short yoga retreat for mental clarity and calmness, you can plan or sign up for the Kathmandu Yoga retreat. On this yoga retreat in Nepal, the travellers get to hike to Shivapuri Nagarjun National Park and enjoy its natural environment. The national park is home to numerous birds, animals and insects. 

The day begins with thirty minutes of mindfulness meditation and a yoga session. A yoga guru will be there to guide you. Then, your team moves to the Nagi gompa for a short hike. You meditate at the Buddhist monastery and discuss dharma and philosophies when you meet the Buddhist Lama. The organizers serve you lunch, and you can join a massage session and then do some yoga later. You are sure to have a marvellous time on this Nepal yoga trekking journey. 

Five Days Begnas Yoga Retreat

Begnas Yoga retreat takes you to four nights, three days yoga retreat in the premise of Begnas lake. Begnas lake resides just forty-five minutes from the Pokhara city centre. Your morning will begin with a two-hour meditation and yoga session with a yoga expert. Afterwards, brunch is available. Later, you indulge in fun outdoor things like boating, hiking, farm visiting or swimming. 

During the evening, you shall learn about yoga techniques, posture and Buddhist practices & philosophies with the yoga tutor. On this yoga retreat in Nepal, people explore the skills to balance themselves inwardly and outwardly. This journey starts and ends in the valley of Kathmandu. You can sign up for this beautiful experience in Kathmandu. Note that, there are options to add a trek or hike at the beginning or end of the tour. 

Lower Mustang Yoga Trekking 

An exhilarating Nepal yoga trekking journey goes to lower Mustang. There are days separated for appropriate acclimatization and sightseeing tours alongside yoga. From Kathmandu, you move to Pokhara via bus/ catch a flight. Then, the team goes to Jomsom via a plane. This Nepal yoga trekking adventure typically goes on for eight days. You are going to love meditation and doing yoga around snowy peaks and ancient villages. Dhaulagiri and Annapurna are visible on the backdrop. And the sight of towns like Kagbeni is mesmerizing. If you get time, do not forget to try the hot spring, namely Tato Pani. 

Plan and arrange for any Nepal yoga trekking package of your interest with this list. 


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Best Yoga Trekking & Tours In Nepal | Yoga Retreat & Meditation Trekking

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