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Australia Kanda 2020 : Fake News or a Social Disaster? | Viral Australia Kanda Video

Viral Australia Kanda 2020

Why is it that negativity spreads faster in Nepali society? Be it censored videos, someone bad-mouthing somebody on social media, or any kind of hateful comment, we have a tendency to judge people from a single event. Keeping this cycle of hatred fresh is a video recently engulfing Nepali social media. The 5 minute 28 seconds long video is repeatedly finding its place on Nepali feeds, handheld devices, and DMs.

Going back to the whole video thing, the confusion mud is slowly settling down and truth is getting clearer by the day. The video started its media influence from the 20th of January, 2020. In fact, the girl is believed to belong to Indian ancestry. Also, the boy seen in the video happens to be a New-Jersey resident.  I do not encourage watching the video but those who have watched it confirm English conversation between the partners. They involve in lovemaking activities and the video got leaked via several open stages.

Also, the same couple have uploaded eleven other videos through a verified account on a rated website. It is believed that the now trending video is a portion of one of these eleven broadcasts. In one of the videos, they have even introduced the woman as Indian and mentioned money as their sole purpose.

At last, I would like to end this article with some positive comments. Before involving in the distribution or judgment of the supposed-Nepali girl in the video, we should keep in mind that Australia currently holds 50 thousand students and over hundred thousand Nepali people. Labelling the actress in the video as a Nepali without any real proof will surely degrade our own reputation. Such negative media influences do not show immediate results but rather stains the general reputation of Nepali people. This in turn leads to an unhealthy social image and problems in opportunities for our loved ones.

As fellow-Nepali citizens, we must discourage the publicity and sharing of such videos. The younger generation generally gets easily swayed on such hearsay so it is the responsibility of elders to set the bar and work towards a positive and healthy social media community. Jai Nepal!

Australia Kanda 2020


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