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Discovering the Best Hair Salon in Lalitpur, Nepal For Male & Female

Whether planning a total hair makeover or seeking routine grooming, choosing the right hair salon cannot be underestimated, particularly in a culturally rich and diverse city like Lalitpur, Nepal. With various salons offering various services, zeroing in on the best hair salon in Lalitpur can often seem overwhelming. Fear not; this comprehensive guide will help you navigate Lalitpur’s bustling hair and beauty scene.

From the finest ladies’, this blog is designed to cater to everyone’s grooming needs; from the best beauty parlour in Lalitpur for men and even unisex salons, this blog is designed ting for the price of a haircut for men or the top-rated salons for women, we’ve got you covered.

Best Hair Salon in Lalitpur: Unisex Hair Salon in Lalitpur 

Hair salons are no longer just a place for a quick trim. In the city of Lalitpur, they have evolved into wellness havens offering beauty and grooming services for both men and women. Here are ten of the best unisex hair salons that have made a mark in Lalitpur for their exceptional service, professionalism, and creativity.

1. Style Lounge Unisex Salon

Style Lounge Unisex Salon

This salon is located this salon n the bustling Pulchowk Road. It offers a comprehensive range of beauty services for both men and women, gaining high praise for their professionalism and hospitality.

Opening Hours: 9 am to 8 pm, all week

Services Offered: Hairdressing, nails, facials, massages, spas and more.

Reviews and Ratings: 4.9/5 on Google

Contact No: 01-5902338

2. The Next Level Salon

The Next Level Salon

Located near the Pulchowk police station, this one-stop beauty destination has served customers since 2015, specializing in hair colour highlights, beauty parlour hairstyles, nail spas, makeup artistry, and hair rebonding services.

Opening Hours: Check the website for hours

Services Offered: Hair Color Highlight services, Beauty Parlour Hairstyles, Nail Spas, Makeup Artists, and Hair Rebonding Services.

Contact and WebsiteThe Next Level Salon

3. New Creation Salon & Art Studio

New Creation Salon & Art Studio

Situated near Yulakhel Park, this salon offers beauty services, makeup, manicures, and haircuts. With over seven years of experience, they’re one of the city’s beauty hotspots.

Opening Hours: 10 am to 6 pm on weekdays, 12 pm to 5 pm on Saturdays

Services Offered: Beauty Salon, Makeup services, Manicure, Hair Cuts.

Reviews and Ratings: 4.6/5 on Google

Contact No: 01-5426218

4. Studio Lavish Unisex Salon

Studio Lavish Unisex Salon

This trendsetting salon is located near Machhindra Park and offers hairdressing, hairstyling, and hair colouring services, even accepting credit card payments for added convenience.

Opening Hours: Open all week; check the website for hours

Services Offered: Hairdressing, Hairstyling, Hair colouring

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Reviews and Ratings: 4.5/5 on Google

Contact No and Website: 01-5436614, Studio Lavish Unisex Salon

5. Mint Unisex Salon

 Mint Unisex Salon

Located in Jhamsikhel, Mint Unisex Salon offers a fresh and welcoming salon experience with a range of hair and beauty services.

Opening Hours: 9 am to 7 pm, all week

Services Offered: Hair extensions, dressers, Bridal hair, Body waxing, Beauty Services, Eye Lash Extensions, Facials, Hair Treatment, Salon, Cutting, Manicures, Pedicure, Straightening

Reviews and Ratings: 4.5/5 on Google

Contact No and Website: 982-3039150, Mint Unisex Salon

6. Hair City Salon and Training Center

Hair City Salon and Training Center

It is located opposite Sports Tours & Travels Pvt. Ltd, Hair City Salon is renowned for its beauty services and hair training programs.

Opening Hours: 7 am to 8 pm, all week

Services Offered: Beauty treatment, Acne, Dreadlocks, Manicure, Brazilian Waxing, Hair Keratin Treatment, Training

Reviews and Ratings: 5/5 on Google

Contact No and Website: 984-1920495, Hair City Salon and Training Center

7. Ananeka Beauty Salon & Spa Labim Mall

Ananeka Beauty Salon & Spa Labim Mall

Located on the 2nd floor of Labim Mall, Ananeka Beauty Salon & Spa offers various beauty services, from hairdressing to skincare.

Opening Hours: 10 am to 7 pm, all week

Services Offered: Acne Treatment, Body waxing, Braids, Brazilian waxing, hair extension, Pedicure, blow dry, Eyebrow Shaping, hairstyling, Laser Hair Removal, Makeup, Hair Cut, Tanning, Perms, and Skin Care.

Reviews and Ratings: 4.8/5 on Google

Contact No and Website: 01-5553948, Ananeka Beauty Salon & Spa

8. Berry Beautik Professional Salon

Berry Beautik Professional Salon

This Jhamsikhel-based salon is celebrated for its hair extensions, acne treatments, makeup services, microblading, and more.

Opening Hours: 10 am to 7 pm, all week

Services Offered: Hair extension, Acne treatments, Makeup services, Microblading, Nail Arts, Hair Treatment, Massage Therapy, Skin Treatment.

Reviews and Ratings: 4.7/5 on Google

Contact No and Website: 980-1807000, Berry Beautik Professional Salon

9. Artistry Unisex Hair Beauty Salon

Artistry Unisex Hair Beauty Salon

Located on Jaulakhel Road, this salon is known for its cordial service, customer satisfaction, and range of beauty services.

Opening Hours: 8 am to 7 pm, Closed on Mondays

Services Offered: Pedicure, Makeup services, Body waxing, Hairstyling, Beauty Salon.

Reviews and Ratings: 4.1/5 on Google

Contact No and Website: 982-6124237, Artistry Unisex Hair Beauty Salon

10. Aroma Beauty Zone

Aroma Beauty Zone

Near Milestone College, Aroma Beauty Zone offers various services, including body waxing, bridal services, eyelash extensions, hair styling, and manicures & pedicures.

Opening Hours: 10 am to 8 pm, all week

Services Offered: Body Waxing, Bridal Services, Eyelash Extensions, Hairstyling, Manicures and pedicures, Hair Treatment, Ear Repairing, Facial Service, Bridal Service.

Reviews and Ratings: 5.0/5 on Google

Contact No and Website: 986-3032771, Aroma Beauty Zone

Best Hair Salon in Lalitpur for Ladies

For the women of Lalitpur, the world of hairstyling and beauty parlours can be equally exciting and overwhelming. With the city’s vast array of options, choosing the right spot for a haircut, colour, or style becomes a crucial decision.

Understandably, it’s not just about finding a salon; it’s about finding the right fit—a place where the stylist understands you, where the ambience sets you at ease, and where you can confidently transform your hair dreams into reality. Unfortunately, the internet lacks a comprehensive list of women-only salons in Lalitpur, making it difficult for those seeking an exclusively female environment for their beauty needs.

But don’t worry, ladies! While the perfect list may be available later, Lalitpur’s beauty scene constantly evolves. New salons are regularly popping up, offering various unique experiences and services. As the Best Hair Salon in Lalitpur for Ladies continues to be a sought-after topic, we promise to keep our finger on the pulse of the local beauty industry. We aim to ensure you get the best and most relevant information about the Best Beauty Parlor in Lalitpur for women.

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Best Hair Salon in Lalitpur for Men

Men’s grooming in Lalitpur has been on the rise, and rightly so. Today’s modern man understands the importance of a sharp haircut, neat beard trim, or relaxing facial.

Like their female counterparts, men also desire a salon that caters to their specific grooming needs, whether a traditional barber shop or a modern men’s salon.

While Lalitpur is teeming with barber shops and salons, identifying an exclusive list of the Best Hair Salons in Lalitpur for Men seems challenging.

But fret not, gentlemen! The city’s grooming landscape is vast and varied, with many establishments offering a broad spectrum of services tailored for men.

We are committed to bridging this information gap and ensuring you have access to all the information you need.

Our team is on the job, and we promise to update this space as soon as possible with a list of men’s exclusive salons in Lalitpur.

Ladies and gentlemen of Lalitpur, stay tuned! We’re working tirelessly to bring you the best of your city’s hair salon scene. Keep posted for the latest updates and information to satisfy all your grooming needs.

How Much Does a Haircut Cost in Lalitpur, Nepal? 

In the quest for perfect hair, the price tag can often play a significant role in deciding where we get our hair cut. Interestingly, in Lalitpur and its neighbouring cities like Kathmandu and Bhaktapur, the cost of a haircut can vary drastically, depending on the location and the standard of the salon. Understanding these price variations can help you make a budget-friendly and quality-conscious choice for your hair care needs.

Standard Haircut Pricing

According to the Nepal Barber Union, the price for a basic haircut has slightly increased, moving from NPR 150 to NPR 200 in Kathmandu.

While the prices in Lalitpur are likely to follow a similar trend, it’s crucial to remember that this standard pricing usually applies to local barbershops offering basic cutting and styling services.

Salon Haircut Pricing

If you’re looking for a more elaborate hair styling experience in a salon, be prepared to shell out a little more. On average, a salon haircut in Lalitpur can cost anywhere from NPR 1,000 to NPR 2,500 or even more.

This price range considers the salon’s location, brand value, the stylist’s experience, and the type of haircut or style you choose.

Gender-Based Pricing

It’s also essential to consider gender-based pricing variations in Lalitpur’s hair care industry. Generally, women’s haircuts and treatments tend to be costlier than men’s, reflecting the industry-wide trend. This discrepancy often arises from the perceived complexity and time consumption associated with women’s hair services compared to men’s.

Therefore, while the prices may vary, remember that a good haircut is an investment. When choosing where to get your hair cut in Lalitpur, consider the salon’s reputation, the stylist’s experience, the overall value for money, and the price tag.

What makes for the best hair Salon experience? 

Understanding what makes for a great salon experience is critical to finding the ideal hair salon. It goes beyond just a good haircut; it’s about how the salon makes you feel when you enter their doors. A high-quality salon will offer a fusion of excellent customer service, expert stylists, and a comforting ambience, all of which combine to make your visit enjoyable and worthwhile.

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When evaluating the potential of a hair salon in Lalitpur, or anywhere else for that matter, you should ask some vital questions. These are crucial for getting a satisfying haircut and establishing a positive rapport with your stylist, which can significantly enhance your salon experience.

1. Will this style work with my hair type?

Your hair’s texture, thickness, and health can significantly affect how a particular style will look on you. A professional stylist should be able to assess your hair and advise on suitable styles that will enhance your hair’s natural attributes.

2. How much will we be cutting off?

Knowing exactly how much hair will be removed can prevent unwanted surprises. Ensure a clear discussion with your stylist about the length you are comfortable with.

3. Can you show me how to style this haircut?

Leaving the salon looking fabulous is one thing, but maintaining the look at home can sometimes be challenging. A good stylist will take the time to demonstrate how to recreate the salon look on your own.

4. Can you assist me in choosing a style that will work with my face structure?

A cut that looks great on a celebrity may not necessarily suit you. Hairstyles can significantly impact your overall look; the best stylists know which cuts will flatter your face shape.

5. Does this style require something different or unique than I have been doing before?

Some styles may require specific products or tools for maintenance. Your stylist should provide you with detailed instructions and recommendations for at-home care.

Choosing the Right Hair Salon in Lalitpur 

Whether seeking a radical hair transformation or a simple trim, choosing the right hair salon is crucial. The experience, comfort, and results all hinge on this vital decision. Here are a few factors to consider when looking for the perfect hair salon in Lalitpur.


Before stepping foot into a salon, please spend some time researching its reputation. Online reviews can glimpse other clients’ experiences and the salon’s overall service quality. Also, consider asking for recommendations from friends and family. Word of mouth can often be a reliable source of honest feedback.

Qualification and Credentials

Professional expertise plays a significant role in the salon experience. Make sure that the stylists have relevant qualifications and up-to-date credentials. You certainly want to avoid sitting in the chair of a trainee prone to mistakes. Check if the salon offers treatments using cutting-edge technology and high-quality products.

Pricing and Services

Assess the salon’s pricing structure and the variety of services offered. Do the prices seem fair for the services provided? Some salons customize their services to cater to individual customer needs, which is a positive sign. Remember, a good salon offers various services, displaying versatility and skill.


Finally, consider the salon’s aesthetics and vibe. An ideal salon should have a calming and welcoming atmosphere that makes you feel relaxed and comfortable. Look for places with soothing elements like dim lighting, soft background music, and comfortable seating. The environment can significantly impact your salon experience, so choose a place that feels right.

Remember, choosing the right salon is a personal decision. It’s about finding a place that suits your style, comfort, and budget. So take your time and research; soon enough, you’ll find the best hair salon in Lalitpur that meets all your hair care needs.

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