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Best Yoga Training Schools In Nepal


Yoga practice brings people closer to the experience of their life. It is a blessing to your physical, mental health and wellbeing. Regular Yoga brings calmness, clarity, mindfulness along with the numerous benefits to your physical body. While it is a significant step that you are thinking of doing Yoga, but we recommend that you do it under proper guidance- Yoga becomes effective under the supervision of an expert. 

The land of Himalayas, Nepal, is famous for its natural scenic beauty and a truly tranquil environment. As many tourists visit this country for rejuvenation with trekking and field trips, people come here to achieve mental relaxation and explore spirituality too. Away from the stress and chaos of everyday life, you can get close to your spiritual nature and replenish your life energy. We bring you options for Yoga booking for Nepal with experienced Yoga experts. 

We present you a list of Yoga schools in Nepal   

Nepal Yoga Home

Nepal Yoga Home

One of the first yoga schools here, this yoga centre brings with an excellent yoga retreat in Nepal with the training sessions and courses. There are different courses available- for beginners and advanced level. All the teachers have a yoga alliance certification. Just five kilometres away from Kathmandu city, the institution offers a serene environment for great courses that include:

  • 200 hours of Nepal Yoga training
  • Advanced training for teachers
  • 500 hours of Nepal Yoga training
  • Eight days Yoga retreat
  • One Week Detox and more

Nepal Yoga Retreat & Spa

Find the best yoga courses at Nepal with Nepal Yoga retreat & spa. Away from the hustle and bustle of the city’s life, this institution stands around lush green hills inside Kathmandu. This institute has to offer mantra chanting, guided meditation, Sanatan Yoga, explanations of yoga philosophy with healthy organic food. The offers include:

  • Three Day Himalayan Yoga Retreat in Nepal
  • Yogic detox
  • Nine Day Nepal Yoga Tour, and more.

Nepal Yoga Academy 

Nepal Yoga academy presents spiritual teaching and practice. You shall gain the guidance to centre your senses and direct your energy well in their yoga ashram at Nepal. Yoga teacher training, corporate Yoga, retreat, yoga holidays and more are available at this place. The gurus possess more than a decade of experience in the Yoga field. You could make a yoga booking in Nepal. 

The options are: 

  • One Day Yoga Relaxation Package
  • Two Day Refresh Package
  • Four Day Ayurveda Package

Purna Yoga Retreat

Purna yoga retreat in Nepal offers a fantastic residential setting for people who aspire to learn Yoga in Nepal. For people who want to embark on the path of spiritual exploration or deepen their knowledge, this yoga ashram at Nepal is the perfect place for you. You will learn about the different elements of the practice of Yoga in Nepal.

The courses are:

  • One/Two/Three Day Yoga Retreat
  • Private Class Yoga
  • Yoga Wellness Retreat
  • Yoga for life
  • Personalized Yoga and more

Sadhana Yoga Retreat 

The city of lakes, Pokhara is home to the space of the best Yoga in Nepal. At Sadhana yoga retreat in Nepal, you get to detox your whole body and soul of negative vibrations and energy. The trainers work abiding by the values of awareness, happiness and peace. Their yoga courses suitable for people from all walks of life. 

You may make a Yoga booking for Nepal in:

  • Daily Hatha Yoga
  • Yoga and Ayurvedic massage
  • Silent Meditation and Yoga
  • Intensive Hatha Yoga and more

Himalayan Yoga Nepal

With its pioneering practice of Yoga in Nepal, Himalayan Yoga Nepal creates a conducive environment for Hatha and Astanga Yoga for people. You will find suitable detox, retreat, and healing therapies here. All programs received the certification from Yoga Alliance of USA. The experts at HYA have the training and experience in this practice. 

The courses include:

  • 200 Hour yoga teacher training program
  • Four days yoga retreat package
  • Day Yoga package
  • Yoga Trek and more
  • Singing bowl introduction course

Nepal Yoga Institute

Nepal Yoga institute is perfect for Nepal yoga training. The highly qualified experts provide deep insights into classical yoga and retreat ways. From stress management program to retreat and Nepal yoga training, this place is ideal for learning and practising Yoga in Nepal. You may avail facilities like yoga travel and trek, 250/300 hours of teacher Nepal yoga training and more. 

The services are:

  • Yoga retreat in Nepal
  • Stress management training program
  • Short/ long term stress management

Salamba Yoga 

To receive invaluable wisdom on meditation, philosophy along with pranayama, make your salamba yoga booking for Nepal. The institution imparts knowledge on the age-old yogic principles and philosophies to the aspiring learners. You shall receive genuine training with Salamba’s yoga booking for Nepal. Salamba yoga is in Pokhara. 

The service offered to include:

  • 200 Hour Yoga teacher training
  • Yoga Retreat package

Kamala Yoga Nepal

Kamala Yoga Nepal resides in the beautiful Pokhara city near the lakeside. With the yoga booking for Nepal here, you get unlimited classes with healthy brunch at the yoga studio. The yoga teachers will aid your transformative journey with proper guidance. You may choose and explore different options like yoga treks, retreats, singing bowl sessions and more. Outstanding natural beauty, mindfulness exercises and Yoga awaits you at Kamala Yoga Nepal. 

Mandala Yoga Studio

At Mandala Yoga studio, you get to choose from the different alternatives of the spa, Yoga as well as healing treatments. The services offered by experienced personnel will rejuvenate you physically and mentally. People find one of the best Nepal yoga training in this centre. This studio has certification from the Yoga alliance and Nepal government.

The programs are:

  • Reiki and sound healing therapy
  • Three/ five days yoga retreat in Nepal
  • Spa services and more

Charak Yoga 

Charak Yoga establishes a sanctuary of self-exploration for yoga aspirants. The main focus of this yoga institute at Nepal is to help people cleanse their mind and live more consciously with the use of Yoga. The trainers aim to teach people to balance their mind, emotions and body in this yoga ashram at Nepal. You will learn Hatha Yoga, Therapeutic Yoga and Vinyasa Yoga here. Join this yoga ashram at Nepal.  

The packages include: 

  • School and office yoga
  • Stress management
  • General Yoga
  • Therapeutic Yoga, and so on.

Shanti Yoga Ashram

At Shanti Yoga Ashram at Nepal, you get the opportunity to delve into the intricacies of yogic practice. Lying in the Himalayan foothills with a panoramic view just one hour away from Kathmandu, it has to offer the complete yogic and spiritual experience with its Yoga in Nepal. The trainers have more than a decade of experience in this practice. 

The options are:

  • 100/200/300 Hour Tantra Yoga Teacher Training
  • 100-hour online tantra yoga course
  • 50 hour online Sanskrit

We hope this list helps you make a yoga booking in Nepal easily.

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