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The Weather of Nepal in August

August Weather of Nepal

Overview – August Month Weather of Nepal

In August, the weather of Nepal is usually rainy and it rains about 345 mm (about 13 inches). The maximum daytime temperatures are about 28 °c (82 ° F), which implies that the atmosphere is hot and humid. If you love a cool and calm environment, this is time for you to visit Nepal. As we all know, weather various from places to place, the primary factor that can change the weather is the landscape. In the same country with the same season, Nepal experiences three different warmth and chills.

The Weather of Nepal Mountain Region in August

This is one of that month where we can expect heavy rainfall. The rainfall is not enough but the chills and cold days makes the weather of the mountain region pretty difficult to sustain. However, monsoon rain brings out a very fresh environment.

Hilly Region Weather in August

During August, it rains throughout the country, and the weather gets unpredictable. It rains around 239 mm only in August. Yet, as lower the altitude, the temperature gets mild, and the environment gets fresh.

August Weather of Terai Region

Even though the rainy season is experienced throughout the country, weather is far better and clear in plain areas than Hilly and Mountain region. Also, the temperature is not as low as Hilly and mountain region n Terai region.

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