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Top 10 Best Singers of Nepal

Top 10 Singers of Nepal (Male/Female): A Symphony of Melodies and Voices

With its rich musical heritage, Nepal has been home to numerous talented vocalists who’ve not only preserved the essence of Nepali music but have also amplified its resonance to greater heights. This article focuses on the Best Singers of Nepal, diving deep into the symphonies created by both male and female artists.

The Golden Voices: Top 10 Male Singers of Nepal

Background and History:

The sonic landscape of Nepal has seen the evolution of male vocals blending harmoniously with various genres. From the rhythms of folk tales to the beats of modern-day pop, male voices have been instrumental in shaping Nepal’s musical identity.

  1. Narayan Gopal

    Narayan Gopal
    Known as the “Swor Samrat” (Music Emperor) of Nepal, Narayan Gopal’s voice and songs remain timeless. His classics like “Euta Manchhe Ko” have shaped the Nepali music industry. A legend in every sense, his melodies continue to touch hearts across generations.

    · Early Life
    : Born in Kathmandu, Gopal’s interest in music manifested early, leading him to become a pioneering figure in Nepali music.
    · Birth Date
    : October 4, 1939
    · Notable Songs
    : “Euta Manche Ko,” “Yeti Dherai Maya Diye”.
    · Achievements
    : Acclaimed as the “Swor Samrat” (Emperor of Voice) for his exceptional contributions to Nepali music.
    · Unique Style
    : Melodious voice that resonates deep emotional connections.
    · Social Media Accounts:
    · Popular YouTube Video:
  2. Rajesh Payal Rai

    Rajesh Payal Rai
    Hailing from the eastern part of Nepal, Rajesh’s songs beautifully encapsulate the region’s ethos. His hit “Darshan Namaste” is a testament to his versatility and unique voice, earning him a distinct place in Nepali music.

    · Early Life: Hailing from Solukhumbu, Rajesh’s passion for music began in his village before he stepped onto the national stage.
    · Birth Date: September 30, 1975
    · Notable Songs: “Darshan Namaste,” “Timile Ta Hoina”.
    · Achievements: He has numerous hits and awards to his name, celebrating his versatility in modern and folk Nepali music.
    · Unique Style: Fusion of modern beats with traditional Nepali folk.
    · Social Media Accounts: Facebook, Instagram, SoundCloud, YouTube
    · Popular YouTube Video: Darshan Namaste
  3. Deep Shrestha

    Deep Shrestha
    Born in Kathmandu, Deep Shrestha is often regarded as one of Nepal’s music maestros. From ballads to pop tunes, Deep’s voice has been a staple in Nepali households for decades. Notable for songs like “Ma Sansar Jitne”, his emotional depth and impeccable pitch make him a standout.

    · Early Life: Brought up in Kathmandu, Deep developed a passion for singing from school days, often participating in various contests.
    · Birth Date: March 15, 1951
    · Notable Songs: “Ma Sansar Jitne”, “Samjhi Rakha”.
    · Achievements: One of the most respected figures in the Nepali music world, with numerous accolades.
    · Unique Style: A soulful voice paired with touching lyrics.
    · Social Media Accounts: Facebook, YouTube
    · Popular YouTube Video: Ma Ta Dur Dekhi Aaye
  4. Ram Krishna Dhakal

    Ram Krishna Dhakal
    Ram Krishna burst onto the scene as a child prodigy, captivating audiences with his mature voice at such a young age. With hits like “Orali Lageko,” he has established himself as a force in the music industry, combining classical with contemporary sounds.

    · Early Life: Originating from Nijgadh, Bara, Ram Krishna’s fascination with melodies became apparent as he sang bhajans in local temples.
    · Birth Date: July 23, 1974
    · Notable Songs: “Orali Lageko”, “Jindagi Ko Ke Bharosa”.
    · Achievements: Considered a prodigy, he’s released numerous albums and has been awarded multiple times for his vocal prowess.
    · Unique Style: A seamless blend of classical and modern Nepali music.
    · Social Media Accounts: Instagram, YouTube, TikTok
    · Popular YouTube Video: TIMI CHHAU RA TA HAASEKO CHHU
  5. Pramod Kharel

    Pramod Kharel
    Pramod’s soulful voice is synonymous with contemporary Nepali ballads. Songs like “Nabirse Timilai” capture the emotional nuances that he can infuse into his music, making him a favourite for many.

    · Early Life: Pramod’s upbringing in Jhapa became the nurturing ground for his musical aspirations.
    · Birth Date: November 3, 1978
    · Notable Songs: “Nabirse Timilai”, “Aakha Ma Timro Aakha”.
    · Achievements: A stalwart in romantic ballads, he’s received numerous accolades for his soul-stirring songs.
    · Unique Style: A voice that carries deep emotions, touching the hearts of listeners.
    · Social Media Accounts: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok
    · Popular YouTube Video: Nogen
  6. Kumar Basnet

    Kumar Basnet
    Rooted in the eastern hills of Nepal, Kumar’s earthy tones and songs like “Pani Mitho Kal Kal Kali” have won him accolades. His distinctive voice narrates tales of love and nature.

    · Early Life: Born in Bhojpur, Kumar’s roots in the eastern hills of Nepal inspired his many songs that spoke of nature and love.
    · Birth Date: December 8, 1955
    · Notable Songs: “Pani Mitho Kal Kal Kali”, “Yo Jindagi Timilai Chha”.
    · Achievements: Widely recognized for his soulful ballads, he has received numerous awards.
    · Unique Style: A deep voice resonating with earthy tones and Nepali ethos.
    · Social Media Accounts: N/A
    · Popular YouTube Video: Chori Bhanda Aama Taruni
  7. Nabin K Bhattarai

    Nabin K Bhattarai
    A pioneering figure in Nepali pop music, Nabin’s tracks, including “Timilai Ma Dobato”, resonate with both young and old. His emotional depth has earned him a unique spot in Kollywood’s soundscape.

    · Early Life: Hailing from the heart of Kathmandu, Nabin grew up in a musical atmosphere which shaped his career.
    · Birth Date: March 14, 1974
    · Notable Songs: “Timilai Ma Dobato”, “Sajha Pakha”.
    · Achievements: One of the pioneers of pop music in Nepal, with multiple hit albums.
    · Unique Style: His pop ballads have an emotional depth that resonates with the youth and the old.
    · Social Media Accounts: YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, SoundCloud
    · Popular YouTube Video:  Timi Hau Lakhau Ko Dhadkan
  8. Sabin Rai

    Sabin Rai
    Often dubbed the “Bryan Adams of Nepal”, Sabin Rai’s fusion of rock and pop, especially in “Komala Tyo Timro”, has garnered a massive fanbase. His music crosses borders and generations. Often termed the Bryan Adams of Nepal, Sabin Rai’s rock-infused tracks, such as “Komol Tyo Timro”, have been anthems for the youth. His unique blend of Western rock and Nepali lyrics creates a mesmerizing soundscape.

    · Early Life: Originating from Dharan, Sabin’s journey into music began during his college days, leading to a surge in popularity in the 2000s.
    · Birth Date: February 5, 1974
    · Notable Songs: “Komala Tyo Timro”, “Samjhana Harulai”.
    · Achievements: Often referred to as the “Bryan Adams of Nepal”, his songs have transcended borders.
    · Unique Style: A combination of rock and pop, delivering a universal appeal.
    · Social Media Accounts: Instagram, SoundCloud, Facebook
    · Popular YouTube Video: Timi Nai Hau
  9. Jhalak Man Gandharba

    Jhalak Man Gandarbha
    Representing the Gandharba community’s musical heritage, Jhalak Man’s “Asarai Mahinama” showcases his raw talent. He has played a pivotal role in bringing traditional tunes to a broader audience.

    · Early Life: Coming from the Gandharba community, music is a legacy for Jhalak Man.
    · Birth Date: May 3, 1967
    · Notable Songs: “Asarai Mahinama”, “Bhannai Sakina”.
    · Achievements: A pivotal figure in bringing traditional Gandharba music to the mainstream audience.
    · Unique Style: His music encompasses the rawness of traditional Nepali instruments and tales.
    · Social Media Accounts: N/A
    · Popular YouTube Video: Timro Nai Maya Lagdacha Saili
  10. Raju Lama

    Raju Lama
    The lead vocalist of the band Mongolian Heart, Raju’s songs like “Mongolian Heart” blend modernity with Nepali folk. His voice carries the stories of the hills and the plains alike.

    · Early Life: Born in Baruwa, Sindhupalchowk, Raju’s fascination with melodies became his life’s driving force.
    · Birth Date: February 16, 1978
    · Notable Songs: “Mongolian Heart”, “Timilai Dekhera”.
    · Achievements: Founder and the lead vocalist of the popular band Mongolian Heart.
    · Unique Style: A voice that blends modernity with Nepali folk tunes.
    · Social Media Accounts: Instagram, SoundCloud, Facebook
    · Popular YouTube Video: Sayad Timro Batoma
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Melodies that Resonate: Top 10 Female Singers of Nepal

Background and History:

The Best Female Singers of Nepal have showcased unparalleled talent, resilience, and dedication. They’ve beautifully carried forward the legacy of Nepali music, weaving in contemporary styles without losing its essence.

  1. Ani Choying Dolma

    Ani Choying Dolma
    n international icon, Ani Choying Dolma is not just a Nepali singer but also a Buddhist nun. Her spiritual chants, notably “Phoolko Aakhama,” transcend borders and religions. Melding tradition with contemporary sensibilities, Ani’s voice is a soothing blend of devotion and artistry, making her a unique figure in the global music scene.

    · Early Life: Born in Kathmandu, Ani Choying’s journey into music began as a spiritual expression within the walls of her nunnery.
    · Birth Date: June 4, 1971
    · Notable Songs: “Phool Ko Aankha Ma,” “Drolma La Tayang”.
    · Achievements: Represented Nepal on international platforms, and her humanitarian work is equally commendable.
    · Unique Style: Fusion of traditional Buddhist hymns with contemporary tunes.
    · Social Media Accounts: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube
    · Popular YouTube Video: Phoolko Aankhama 
  2. Astha Raut

    Astha Raut
    One of Nepal’s leading contemporary female voices, Astha Raut, is synonymous with energy and youth. Her chartbusters like “Jhumka Giryo” and “Salko Paat” have become anthems for the young generation. Fusing pop elements with Nepali rhythms, Astha’s voice is a refreshing blend of modernity and tradition in the Nepali music industry.

    · Early Life: Astha, from Kathmandu, has been passionate about music since school, marking her territory in various competitions.
    · Birth Date: September 17, 1987
    · Notable Songs: “Jhumka Girare,” “Sajhako Bela”.
    · Achievements: Known for her energetic stage performances and numerous hit songs.
    · Unique Style: Vivacious and lively, capable of singing across various genres.
    · Social Media Accounts: Instagram, Facebook, YouTube
    · Popular YouTube Video: Kosis Gara
  3. Aruna Lama

    Lovingly called the “Nightingale of the Hills,” Aruna Lama’s voice blended sweetness and power. With songs like “Pohor Saal,” she has left an indelible mark on the Nepali music industry, even years post her demise.

    · Early Life: Born in Darjeeling, India, Aruna Lama’s influence on Nepali music is profound. From her teenage years, she was drawn to the world of melodies.
    · Birth Date: September 9, 1945
    · Notable Songs: “Pohor Saal,” “Mero Pyaro Okhaldhunga”.
    · Achievements: Fondly remembered as the “Nightingale of the Hills,” she’s left an irreplaceable mark in the industry.
    · Unique Style: A voice that echoed the stories and emotions of the hills and valleys.
    · Social Media Accounts: Apple Music, Deezer
    · Popular YouTube Video:  Herana Hera Kanchha
  4. Melina Rai

    Melina Rai
    A modern-day sensation, Melina Rai has captured hearts with songs like “Kutu Ma Kutu.” Her melodious voice and contemporary tunes make her a beloved figure among younger audiences.

    · Early Life: Born into a musical family in Darjeeling, India, Melina was destined for the Nepali music industry.
    · Birth Date: February 12, 1992
    · Notable Songs: “Kutu Ma Kutu”, “Piratiko Mitho Tirsana”
    · Achievements: Melina has been a contemporary sensation with several chart-topping hits, winning hearts nationwide.
    · Unique Style: A youthful and refreshing voice that resonates with today’s generation.
    · Social Media Accounts: YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Deezer, Apple Music
    · Popular YouTube Video: Timle Bato Fereu Are
  5. Jamuna Rana

    Jamuna Rana
    Representing the folk genre, Jamuna Rana’s voice tells stories of the hills, valleys, and the heartland of Nepal. Her songs, often filled with traditional instruments, are a testament to Nepal’s rich cultural tapestry.

    · Early Life: Jamuna’s early life in the hills of Nepal became her inspiration as she serenaded audiences with folk tales.
    · Birth Date: November 15, 1960
    · Notable Songs: “Kancha Halcha”, “Phool Ko Thunga”.
    · Achievements: A leading name in folk music, her songs have become integral to Nepal’s musical folklore.
    · Unique Style: A voice that embodies Nepal’s rich cultural traditions and stories.
    · Social Media Accounts: N/A
    · Popular YouTube Video: Hereko Haina Ra? 
  6. Indira Joshi
    Indira Joshi
    Known as Nepal’s Shakira, Indira Joshi brings energy and dynamism to the stage. With pop hits like “Rato Ghalek Jhai,” she’s made significant strides in modernizing Nepali music while keeping its essence alive.

    · Early Life: Indira, from Parasi, Nawalparasi, embarked on her musical journey with fervour and determination.
    · Birth Date: March 18, 1986
    · Notable Songs: “Rato Ghalek Jhai”, “Behuli”.
    · Achievements: Not just a singer, she’s also known for her dynamic performances and magnetic stage presence.
    · Unique Style: A vibrant and powerful voice seamlessly integrating traditional elements with modern beats.
    · Social Media Accounts: Instagram, Facebook, YouTube
    · Popular YouTube Video: Om Nama Shivaya
  7. Meera Rana

    Meera Rana
    From Kathmandu’s heart, Meera Rana’s versatility shines through tracks like “Herana Hera Kanchha”. She has beautifully blended classical and modern touches in her singing journey.

    · Early Life: Kathmandu-born Meera Rana was destined for greatness in the world of Nepali melodies.
    · Birth Date: October 4, 1948
    · Notable Songs: “Herana Hera Kanchha”, “Eklai Basda”.
    · Achievements: Acknowledged as a versatile artist, she has lent her voice to hundreds of memorable tracks.
    · Unique Style: Her voice blends classic and modern, perfect for every mood.
    · Social Media Accounts: Apple Music, Deezer
    · Popular YouTube Video: Mero Joban Laijau
  8. Deepa Jha

    Deepa Jha
    Deepa’s sweet, graceful voice, showcased in “Timro Deshma”, has solidified her status in Nepali music. Hailing from Janakpur, her melodies encapsulate the essence of Nepal’s diverse culture.

    · Early Life: Deepa’s musical aspirations began in her hometown, Janakpur, before she rose to national fame.
    · Birth Date: June 27, 1971
    · Notable Songs: “Timro Deshma”, “Mayako Doli Chadai”.
    · Achievements: Her melodious voice contributed significantly to Nepali music.
    · Unique Style: Deepa’s voice embodies grace and sweetness, capturing the essence of her songs.
    · Social Media Accounts: Instagram, Apple Music, Deezer
    · Popular YouTube Video: Kahile Timro Pachhauri Ma
  9. Milan Amatya

    Milan Amatya
    With her roots in Bhojpur, Milan’s songs carry Nepal’s countryside’s heartbeat. Tracks like “Bhana Thaney” exhibit her deep connection to Nepali folk tunes.

    · Early Life: Originating from Bhojpur, Milan’s journey in music began with traditional folk tunes.
    · Birth Date: December 6, 1986
    · Notable Songs: “Bhana Thaney”, “Bidesh Janu”.
    · Achievements: A leading name in Nepali folk and contemporary songs.
    · Unique Style: Milan’s songs carry the heartbeat of Nepal’s countryside and its ethos.
    · Social Media Accounts: Facebook, SoundCloud, Deezer
    · Popular YouTube Video: JANAM JANAM JIULA SANGAI
  10. Ciney Gurung

    Ciney Gurung
    A gem in Nepali music, Ciney’s soulful tracks like “Timilai Maan Parauchu” resonate with many. Her unique tone and relatable lyrics have etched a special place in the musical landscape.

    · Early Life: Born in the capital city of Kathmandu, Ciney’s introduction to music came at a young age, primarily influenced by her surroundings and the city’s cultural richness.
    · Birth Date: August 5, 1974
    · Notable Songs: “Timilai Maan Parauchu”, “Ritto Ritto”.
    · Achievements: Over her illustrious career, she has won hearts with her soothing voice and relatable lyrics.
    · Unique Style: Ciney’s voice possesses a soulful tone that beautifully captures the essence of her songs, making her one of the cherished names in the Nepali music scene.
    · Social Media Accounts: Instagram, Facebook, Apple Music, Deezer
    · Popular YouTube Video: Maya
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Beyond the List: Honorable Mentions

While our list captures the Best Singers of Nepal, it’s essential to acknowledge other notable names like Deepak Bajracharya and Sunita Dulal, who have significantly influenced Nepali music.

The Global Influence of Nepali Singers

Several Nepali singers have taken their melodies beyond the nation’s borders. Their collaborations with international artists and adaptations of foreign music genres have indeed put Nepali music on the global map.

The Best Singers of Nepal, both male and female, have played a pivotal role in shaping the nation’s musical narrative. Their unparalleled talent, dedication, and contributions are a testament to Nepal’s vibrant musical culture. We encourage readers to immerse themselves in these artists’ harmonies and experience Nepali music’s depth and breadth.

Lastly, we’d love to hear from you. Who are your favourite Nepali singers? Are there any songs that hold a special place in your heart? Share with us and continue celebrating Nepal’s Best Female and Male Singers.

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