Nepali Unicode Converter

Nepali unicode : Nepali Unicode is the unique set of code which is used for displaying the Nepali font or character. Nepali Unicode converter is the online tool used for converting the Roman English Unicode to Unicode Nepali. Nepali Unicode is supported on the window operating system 2000 and above. All Linux distribution, office XP and above support the Nepali Unicode Converter.

Typing Unicode Hints

  • This online Unicode Nepali converter will automatically convert any Romanized font text into Unicode Nepali.
  • When you type any letter, additional hint and suggestions will be displayed in the section below the text area where you are typing.
  • You can convert the English text to Nepali using the tool powered by google.
  • You can easily convert the Romanized text to Nepali using the Nepali Unicode converter

Alphabets: 12 vowels, 36 consonants, full stop.

What Is Nepali Unicode And How It Is Used?

Nepali Unicode is an international encoding standard that is used with the Nepali language by which each letter, digit, or symbol is assigned a unique numeric value. Prior to Unicode Nepali typing, various fonts like Himali, Preeti, & Kantipur were used for Nepali typing documents.

As these fonts use Devanagari letters as pictorial representation of the letter, a lot of complication was brought while transferring the data from one computer to another. Unless and until the same font is installed on another computer, the Nepali letter is not displayed correctly and “sorting”, ”spell checking”, ”find and replace” was not possible. These all issued were solved after the release of the Nepali Unicode in 2002 by Madan Puraskar Pustakalaya.

Roman To Unicode Nepali Converter

It is said that the Gorkhali, language of Gorkha came to be known as Nepali language which is spoken all over Nepal. The typing in Nepali using the fonts like Preeti, & Kantipur is quite difficult for most of the people and many issues may occur. As people in Nepal love chatting with friends, use facebook; the use of Romanized text has become popular. As Romanized text has gained the popularity, the Nepali Unicode converter came in light which converts the Romanized text into Nepali fulfilling the wish of most of the Nepalese.