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Nabil Bank Dollar Card- How to Apply Online 

Nabil Bank Dollar Card- How to Apply Online 

As the digital era casts its expansive net over global connectivity and service accessibility, Nabil Bank Limited stands at the forefront of this transformation. Embracing this wave of digitization, they’ve revolutionized traditional banking by introducing Nabil DigiBank services, encapsulating all your banking needs within your smartphone.

One significant stride in their digital suite of offerings is the Nabil Bank Dollar Card, also known as the Nabil iCard.

This blog post aims to be your beacon, guiding you through the labyrinth of requirements, eligibility criteria, and a comprehensive step-by-step process to apply for your Nabil Bank Dollar Card online successfully.

Immerse yourself in this user-friendly guide and pave the way to seamless global transactions with your Nabil iCard.

Introducing Nabil iCard: Dollar Card Issued by Nabil Bank Limited 

Emerging from the renowned banking firm Nabil Bank Limited is an innovative financial instrument – the Nabil iCard.

With the Nabil iCard, your physical location no longer defines your purchasing power. This card, issued in Nepalese Rupees, enables transactions in US Dollars, blurring the borders of e-commerce.

You can now purchase from various international platforms from the comfort of your home. From high-end tech gadgets to exotic home decor, the world becomes your marketplace, with the exception of India.

How to get a dollar Card in Nepal Online? Apply with Nabil Bank Limited, Your Trusted Banking Firm

Seamlessly bridging the gap between Nepal and the global marketplace, Nabil Bank Limited offers its much-anticipated Dollar Card service.

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This innovative provision is not exclusive; it extends its reach to every Nepalese individual eager to enter international e-commerce.

Essential Requirements for Your Nabil Dollar Card

The path to acquiring your Nabil Dollar Card is straightforward, requiring only three key elements:

  • A bank account with Nabil Bank Limited
  • A valid PAN Card
  • Proof of Nepalese citizenship

How to Apply for the Dollar Card with Nabil Bank Limited 

The traditional route to applying for a Dollar Card typically involves visiting the bank physically and filling up the registration form. This process may be antiquated in today’s rapidly evolving digital age.

A Short Guide to Manually Create Dollar Card in Nepal with Nabil Bank includes:

  1. Go to your Bank and ask for the Dollar Card Form.
  2. Fill up the form.
  3. Sign the self-declaration application. 
  4. Provide your PAN Card for further processing. 
  5. Fill in your desired amount of NPR/USD.
  6. Competed Successfully.

Here is a sample of the Dollar Card Application form

Fortunately, Nabil Bank Limited has incorporated the momentum of digital transformation into its services.

How to Apply Online for the Dollar Card with Nabil Bank Limited 

In the bustling landscape of digital banking, Nabil Bank Limited offers a straightforward online application process for its Dollar Card, the Nabil iCard. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you navigate through this process:

  1. Start by heading to the official Nabil Bank website at Nabilbank.com. Remember, to avail of the iCard service, an account with Nabil Bank is mandatory. If you still need to open one, use the various product setup services available on the Nabil Bank online portal. Here is the link to access these services. (LINK)
  2. Once you’ve successfully linked yourself as a valued customer with Nabil’s banking system, navigate to the dedicated page for the iCard application.
  • On this page, click “Yes” to indicate you’re a Nabil Bank customer, and you’ll be directed to provide the personal information required to register for a Nabil iCard.
  • After inputting all your data, including details from your PAN Card, you can choose between an instant Card and a Personalized Card service. The latter service charges slightly more than the regular iCard request.
  • Before proceeding further, double-check all the details you’ve entered. Accuracy is crucial here to avoid any hiccups in the process.
  • Once you know all the information is correct, click “Apply”. The bank will then verify and process your submission.
  • After submission, the bank will inform you when your card is ready and which branch is most convenient for you to pick it up from.
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How to open/ Register for a new account in Nabil Bank Online? 

Stepping into the digital banking sphere with Nabil Bank Limited is a breeze. If you’re eager to explore the world of online banking, Nabil Bank’s online account opening process is designed to be straightforward.

Start by visiting the official Nabil Bank website. Look for the ‘Nabil Bank internet banking form’ or the ‘Nabil Bank online account opening form’. You can directly access this page here.

Once on the page, you’ll be guided through easy-to-follow steps to complete your registration. The process is user-friendly and intuitive, designed to avoid any confusion.

Navigating Your Nabil iCard: Key Aspects and Benefits

In the age of digital convenience, understanding the particulars of your Nabil Bank Dollar Card, the Nabil iCard, is critical.

iCard Issuance and Validity: A Timeline for Your Financial Empowerment

After submitting your application, you might wonder about the timeline for issuing your Nabil iCard.

The wait can be as short as an instant for an instant card or between 3 to 4 weeks for a personalized card. Once issued, your Nabil Bank Dollar Card remains valid for five years, offering you long-term access to global transactions.

Nabil iCard: Your Passport to Global Services

The Nabil iCard sets a yearly transaction limit, allowing you to upload and spend up to $500. This empowers you to dive into the global pool of services.

Your Nabil iCard gives you seamless access to many popular global platforms. Whether you’re an entertainment junkie looking to subscribe to Netflix, a music enthusiast eager for Spotify’s premium features, or a frequent shopper on Amazon, your Nabil iCard holds the key.

It even facilitates payments for Google app premium services, expanding your reach in digital tools and apps.

Staying Connected with Nabil Bank: Your Guide to Seamless Customer Service

Nabil Bank offers numerous channels for effective communication and customer support to ensure you’re always in the loop with the latest updates and services.

Stay connected and make the most of your Nabil Bank experience with the following resources:

The Nabil Bank Mobile App: Digital Banking at Your Fingertips

A tap is all it takes to access the comprehensive suite of banking services Nabil Bank offers. Download the Nabil Bank app here and take your banking experience to a new level of convenience.

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Reach Out: Nabil Bank’s Customer Care Center

Whether you have queries or require assistance, Nabil Bank’s Customer Care Center is just a call away. Dial 01-5970015 to speak with their dedicated customer service representatives, who are always ready to help.

Connect Via Email: For Detailed Communication

For more extensive communication or to share suggestions or concerns, you can reach Nabil Bank at their official email address: [email protected].

Share Your Thoughts: Suggestions and Queries Form

Your feedback matters to Nabil Bank. Please share your thoughts, suggestions, and queries using their dedicated form at this link.

On a Personal Note

Stay updated, stay connected, and continue to enrich your banking journey with Nabil Bank’s proactive customer support channels.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Nabil Bank Dollar Card?

The Nabil Bank Dollar Card, also known as the Nabil iCard, is a financial service provided by Nabil Bank Limited. This card allows customers with active Nabil savings/current accounts to transact in US dollars for various international e-commerce transactions, excluding India.

How can I apply for the Nabil Bank Dollar Card online?

To apply online for the Nabil Bank Dollar Card, visit Nabilbank.com, access the dedicated page for the iCard application, provide the necessary personal information, and choose between an instant or personalized card. Once you’ve verified all details and clicked “Apply,” the bank will process your application.

What are the requirements to apply for a Nabil Bank Dollar Card?

To apply for a Nabil Bank Dollar Card, you need to have an active bank account with Nabil Bank, a valid PAN Card, and proof of Nepalese citizenship.

What is the validity period of the Nabil Bank Dollar Card?

The Nabil Bank Dollar Card remains valid for five years from the date of issuance.

What is the annual transaction limit on the Nabil Bank Dollar Card?

With the Nabil Bank Dollar Card, you can upload and spend up to $500 annually.

What services can I access with my Nabil Bank Dollar Card?

The Nabil Bank Dollar Card allows you to pay for subscriptions on global platforms like Netflix, Spotify, Amazon and Google app premium services.

How can I stay updated with Nabil Bank’s services?

Stay updated by downloading the Nabil Bank app, contacting the customer care centre at 01-5970015, emailing [email protected], or submitting your queries and suggestions through their website form.

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