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Hair Transplant in Kathmandu, Nepal: Cost, Clinics


List of Hair Transplant Clinic in Kathmandu, Nepal

Nepal is considered one of the best places for Hair Transplant surgery. The main reason is due to its low cost of operation, starting at just Rs 30 per draft, and the cheap labor force charge. Some of the Best Hair Transplant clinics available in Kathmandu are enlisted below:

S. NoName of ClinicAddressContact No.
1Aavaran Skin and Hair ClinicDurbar Marg980-2323990
2Ananta Skin Care CenterBattisputali01-4484455, 9818908184
3Arogin Health Care & Research CentreBishalnagar01-4423423
4DI Skin Health and Referral Center (DISHARC)Maharajgunj01-4721500
5Folliderm Hair Transplant, Lasers and Skin ClinicSubarna Shamser Marg985-1110443
6Green City Hair ClinicRanibari, Tokha981-5959413
7Healthy Choice ClinicBhattachan Complex01-4419054
8Hospital for Advanced Medicine & Surgery (HAMS)Dhumbarahi01-4377404
9Kathmandu Clinic of Cosmetic SurgeryAnamnagar01-5707056
10K33 NepalTripureshowor, Chabahil & Koteshwor01-4117233, 01-4499696 , 01-5100207
11Lead Hair Replacement TechnologyBishalnagar01-4432995
12Nepal Skin Care CenterSinamangal01-4489035
13Nepal Skin HospitalNew Baneshwor Chabahil01-5905344, 01-5905344
14Norvic International HospitalThapathali01-5970032
15Protin Hair DesignShree Binayak MargN/A
16Radiant Skin Care and Hair Transplant CenterSamakhusi981-5959413
17Swasti laser & Skin CareNaxal01-4444350
18TouchBeauty Laser ClinicBattisputali Road01-4469302
Hair Transplant Clinic in Kathmandu, Nepal

Hair is essential to self-presentation and a confidence booster for the millennial society. If you are experiencing baldness and feel like it has brought misery and low self-esteem to your bright life, then your one quick solution to relieve all these complications can be Hair Transplant.

According to research, individuals worldwide experience a certain amount of hair loss by the time they reach 50 due to a genetic condition called Androgenetic Alopecia. The condition is commonly produced by Hereditary issues, which is the main reason for hair loss. In regards to that, many people are looking forward to a comprehensive solution from the best doctors. Here, we will provide information and directories regarding the causes, processes & solutions for people dealing with hair loss and its remedy available in Nepal. 

What is Hair Transplant?

Hair Transplant is a surgical procedure performed to restore hair. The process follows surgical removal of hair follicles from the hind scalp and transplanted to the front part of the bald scalp to cure baldness. The process consists of the removal of hair follicles from the “donor area, the region where the hair pouch is fetched and relocated to the bald section of the scalp. The treatment technique has been the market’s most effective and proven method for hair restoration. Likewise, it is also termed to be a permanent solution for hair loss and baldness as it has serviced stable growth.

Hair Transplant Treatment in Nepal

Hair Transplant procedure in Kathmandu, Nepal, is performed using two techniques. Both the methods used for Hair Transplant are 100% effective and sorted by several clinics in Nepal. The types of Hair Transplant treatments are enlisted below:

  • Follicular Unit STRIP Surgery (FUT)

This technique follows the removal of a strip of skin from the donor area, and the slit area is closed after extracting the fillet of skin. Then, the surgeon dissects the donor skin into tiny follicular factions and installs it in the desired area (bald section).

  • Follicular Unit Excision (FUE)

In this Technique, the hair follicles are punched and removed from the donor area using a small tool by the surgeon. The apprehended hair fillings are planted in the desired region of recovery. As this method lacks stitches, the site might leave a scar that will disappear after a few months.

Both the methods above are effective and useful; however, the selection of the best suitable option is determined based on the patient’s medical condition and suggestions by the surgeon. The process duration can take between two to five hours flexibly, depending on the number of implanted grafts.  

How Much Hair Transplant Cost in Nepal?

The cost of hair transplant in Nepal varies from place to place due to its availability. Likewise, the amount of hair being removed also determines the price and cost of Hair Transplant surgery largely. According to the Kathmandu Clinic of Cosmetic Surgery (KCCS), a high-quality Hair Transplant service starts from Rs 30 per graft, which is comparatively the lowest and most affordable rate in Nepal. 

Reasons affecting Hair Transplant price in Kathmandu, Nepal

The cost of Hair Transplant in Kathmandu varies from clinic to clinic. Several factors constitute the reason while determining the price of Hair Transplant. Some of the significant reasons are given below:

1. Clinic Authentication

Several criteria are to be met before a hair transplant process begins. The clinic must have the proper and required equipment to pass the authentication in order for the patient to feel comfortable during and after the surgery. The level of provided facilities might be the reason for the extra cost than others.

2. Qualification of the Surgeon

The price of Hair Transplant can vary as per the qualification & experience of the surgeon. It is better recommended to choose a qualified Plastic Surgeon as Hair Transplant is a Plastic Surgery.

3. The number of sittings required

The net cost of the hair transplant is also determined by the number of graft implants required per the baldness spectrum. Therefore, some patients might need additional sittings to cover the process entirely.

Top Hair Transplant Clinic in Lalitpur & Bhaktapur

Hair Transplant is a permanent procedure that does not require frequent treatments. So, looking for the best transplant clinic for your most satisfying experience and the result is wise. Here is the list of the most popular Hair Transplant clinics in Lalitpur and Bhaktapur, Nepal. It is close to the capital and useful for individuals near Kathmandu Valley looking to get a hair recovery program.

S. NoName of ClinicAddressContact No.
1Absolute AestheticsLabim Mall, Lalitpur01-5551176
2Alka Cosmetics Surgery & DermatologyJawalakhel, Lalitpur981-3903982
3Anova Skin & Hair ClinicPulchowk, Lalitpur01-5438323
4Derma DentLagankhel, Lalitpur01-5554666
5Nepal Skin HospitalSuryabinayak, Bhaktapur01-5905344
6Nepal Plastic Surgery HospitalHarisiddhi, Lalitpur01-5250665
7Nepal Plastic Cosmetic and Laser CenterDhobighat-4, Lalitpur01-5188522
Hair Transplant Clinic in Lalitpur & Bhaktapur

FAQs on Hair Transplant in Nepal

Many people are curious regarding Hair Transplant Treatment in Nepal. They have conveyed their queries and concerns regarding their approaching hair loss and whether Hair Transplant is the solution. We have hand-picked the most asked questions concerning Hair Implants in Nepal. Let us clear your doubt and worries and help you on your journey of regrowth and rejuvenation.

1. Is Hair Transplant permanent solution?

Yes, Hair transplant is the ultimate solution to your baldness and hair loss, however, it requires a substantial care and regular medication in order to maintain the new hair follicles.

2. What are the biggest drawbacks/ side-effects of Hair Transplant?

Although, Hair Transplant is a safe surgical procedure, it consists of some risks. They are:
·  No new hair growth due to the death of the transplanted hair follicles
·  May cause irritation and infection prone.
·  Scarring, if done with FUE technique
·   Excessive bleeding during the process

3. Is Hair Transplant a painful procedure?

It depends, if your implantation method is FUT, then yes you will feel wee bits of pain. However, the FUE technique of Hair Transplant is not painful, as the donor area is sedated using anesthesia.

4. Which is the best technique of Hair Transplant?

FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) method is the best Hair Transplant method. 

5. Can Hair Transplant effect the brain and nervous system?

The surgery is performed in the crust layer of the skin, therefore the brain or the eyes are not affected by this procedure at all.

6. Can normal people afford a Hair Transplant?

Hair Transplant in Nepal is relatively cheaper than in its neighboring nations. According to KCCS, the rate of Hair transfer begins from Rs 30 per draft, which is actually an affordable rate for commoners as well.


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