Gold and Silver Price in Nepal Today

Most of you are familiar with the traditional golden jewellery and Nepali handmade silver. Are you looking for the gold and silver price in Nepal? If so, then we have given the sufficient information for you about the current gold and silver price in Nepal regarding the current Nepali market.

Silver manufactured in Nepal is handmade using hand tools. Nepali silver jewellery has earned trust in the international market and many international markets prefer Nepali handmade silver jewellery.

Gold Price in Nepal Today

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Gold Price in Nepal 2019/2020

Historical gold prices provide information that assists in buying and selling decisions. Gold price in Nepal 2019/2020 is affected by factors like demand and supply, central bank buying, inflation, geopolitics, monetary policy, equity markets, market scenario across the world and the strength of the US dollar.

Gold price today at Nepal differs in various cities in Nepal as various factors like taxes, demand, carriage, local associations, etc. affect the gold prices in various parts of the country. The difference may be NPR 100 to 500 per tola.

Gold Price of Nepal Rastra Bank

The 24 carat gold per gram price in Nepal Rastra Bank is 4959.38 NPR. The 24 carat gold per kilo price in Nepal is 4,958,695.22 NPR.

Tejabi/ 22 karat gold: Percentage of purity is about 91.67% with the combination of alloy which consists of 3% silver and 5.33% copper. Chhapawal which is 99.50 percent pure is referred as 24 karat gold in Nepal and the gold which is .999 is also referred as 24 karat gold.

Hallmark/fine gold: Gold that is 99.99% pure is designated as 24 Karat gold and is referred as fine gold in Nepal.

  • 14 carat refers to the gold that is 58.5% pure.
  • 18 carat refers to the gold which is 75% pure.
  • 22 carat refers to the gold which is 91.67 % pure.
  • 24 carat refers to the gold which is 99.99% pure.