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Cycling Trails/Routes In Kathmandu


Mountain biking/cycling has been increasingly popular among bike enthusiasts in Kathmandu recently. What once used to be a limited group of bikers has evolved to include many mountain bikers who spend their free time riding throughout the Kathmandu Valley. Kathmandu is a cyclist’s paradise, including downhill and enduro tracks as well as cycling trails that stretch across the capital city’s suburbs.

There are numerous locations throughout the city where you may spend a day or two shredding the trails, or if you like to take it easy, go for a day ride and enjoy the scenery. Are you looking for the best trails to ride your bikes on?

Here are some of Kathmandu’s top cycling trails for levels of riders.

Cycling In Kathmandu

Despite being a bustling city with minimal greenery, Kathmandu has some of the best cycling trails around the world. The capital city is regarded as divine by many cyclists and trekkers. Many locations simply fascinate visitors and compel them to take in the beauty on offer.

You can easily rent a bicycle and other cycling equipment in Kathmandu. The roads here are well-maintained and wide, winding their way through several valleys and small towns. Hundreds of tourists have been lured to Nepal because of its natural beauty, which has not failed them with its beautiful magnificence.

Nepal is a one-of-a-kind country in practically every way. Every tourist expects something new, something different, and Nepal ensures that their expectations are met. As a result, this beloved country is a fantastic place to visit, and it should be on the first of your trip’s bucket list this 2022.

Cycling Trails In Kathmandu

There are some wonderful places to go cycling with your buddies to get away from all the stress of Kathmandu, and they are listed below:


Nagarkot, home of the Asian Enduro Series, is a famous downhill and enduro destination. However, Nagarkot is not just for downhill bikers; there are several trails here that are ideal for cyclists of all levels.

The several routes in Nagarkot, which range from beginner-friendly to advanced, will ensure that every cyclist has an exciting day. Riders can begin their tour at the Nagarkot View Tower and then bike downhill. There are many challenging downhill dips as well as plain, leisurely paths on this trail.

Starting your adventure in Bhaktapur and riding uphill to the Nagarkot View Tower is also an option. Because the roads aren’t adequately maintained, you’ll be riding through a muddy path during the rainy season and a dusty course during the dry season.


If you want to try out different types of paths, Godavari is another fantastic area to visit. The Godavari is another beautiful area to visit. Godavari’s mountain bike trails are particularly well-known for their steep and challenging trails, which are ideal for downhill and enduro riding. On Phulchowki Hill, you’ll find the best downhill routes.

These trails are not ideal for beginners, as you might have guessed. On the other hand, beginners will have a great time riding up to the Godavari from Satdobato. The Godavari has a lot of exciting sites to see, and it’s best done on a mountain bike.

From the Godavari, you can also join the Lakhuri route to extend your trip. This trail consists of a combination of stairs, switchbacks, and single trails that lead to paddy fields.

Chobhar to Champadevi

Chobhar Hill, about 10 km south of Kathmandu, is around 50-60 minutes away by mountain bike. The primary attractions of this location are Chaobhar Gorge and the Jal Vinayak shrine. An about 8-kilometer cycle via Chobhar’s village leads to a mountainous route that leads to Champa Devi.

This is an excellent vantage point from which to see the entire valley and the extensive mountain range, including Mt. Everest, on a clear day. When it comes to returning, there are two options. You can either return to Kathmandu using the same path as before or travel to Pharping and then back to Kathmandu. It’s a bumpy, challenging journey up and down the slope.

Shivapuri to Helipad

This trail is ideal for beginners because it features ample trails and is easy to find. Although the track ascends, for the most part, the elevation is not acquired quickly, making it ideal for a leisurely full-day ride.

Budhanilkantha is the starting point of your cycling expedition. When you reach the gate, turn southeast on a gravelled road leading to the Helipad via Shivapuri Heights. You have the option of turning around or continuing on to the descent ahead if you are up for some problematic drops.

Because this is a severe drop, only experienced riders should attempt it. The iconic Widow Maker, a steep, tricky downhill stretch of the path, is also located here. Amid the vegetation, this trail gives several lovely, panoramic views of the city. Keep a watch out for jeeps and heavy vehicles passing by while riding, as parts of this trail also serve as a road.

Balaju to Kakani

This is yet another beautiful cycling path that is round the valley. The ride from Kathmandu to Shivapuri begins at Balaju and proceeds to the road to Kakani, which is about 23 kilometres away at an altitude of 2,030 meters. The route winds through the Nagarjuna Forest Reserve’s twists and turns.

Rather than going down the path that goes to TRishuli Bazaar, follow the road to the right as you reach the summit of the hill and cross through the initial pass into the valley. The T-junction is easily identifiable.

Kakani is reached after another 4 kilometres of riding up a rugged slope. With so many tea establishments, it is a popular gathering spot for many people. One desires to eat lunch while admiring the magnificent view of the mountains and trees.

Khokana to Bhainsepati

Bhainsepati’s paths are considerably different from the others on this list. The Khokana to Bhainsepati trail is ideal for those looking for a pleasant and leisurely ride while taking in the landscape. This trail is mainly single-track and is not suited for riding during the rainy season.

This trail runs all the way from Bhainsepati to Sikali in Khokana. During harvest season, from October and November, you may see locals growing their crops on the grassy trails that pass through quiet paddy fields. This is an excellent path to follow if you want to visit a traditional town and sample some of the best local cuisines while also getting away from the city.

Kakani to Helipad

The track is ideal for a full day of riding. This trail is difficult since it requires you to move up and down the path. As a result, it’s ideal for a weekend ride with a lot of cardio. To get to the Helipad, use the Kakani to Helipad trek, which takes you via the scenic route of Kakani and its surrounding forests to Shivapuri National Park.

Begin your journey at Balaju Chowk and go towards the Trishuli Highway. Riding via Kakani will lead you to Shivapauri National Park, where you can enter and continue on the woodland route. As you pass through woodlands and occasionally come across spectacular views of the Himalayas, this track will be an enjoyable and tranquil ride.

Patan to Lakuri Bhanjyang

An intermediate-level cycling trail connects Patan and Lakuri Bhanjyang and is approximately 18 kilometres long. This journey begins in Patan, one of Nepal’s most famous cities. After a few minutes of riding through the bustling Lubhu, your exciting trip comes to an end as you ride over the steep jeep route before embarking on a 500-meter dangerous switchback ascent to Lakuri Bhanjyang.

On a bright day, the sight of Kathmandu Valley and the mountains around the city is a treat to watch. The second half of your journey is a gentle descent through Bebar Khola’s rural valley, which is known for its historic Tamang, Newari, and Chhetri residents.

On a track that branches off to the left from Lakuir Bhanjyang, it is possible to slope to Godawari or Bishanku Narayan. On the other hand, you can also take a right and head towards Panauti.

Satdobato to Lamatar to Lakuri Bhanjyang to Panauti to Banepa to Kathmandu

Gwarko(Satdobato), a network of offshoots originating from the southern end of Ring Road, leads to Lamatar. From there, the trail climbs steadily to Lakuri Bhanjyang, the highest point on the course.

There are at least two ways to go to Panauti from Lakuri, but it’s a straightforward descent, albeit muddy during the rainy season until you reach the town on the other side of the Bhanjyang, which means a mountain pass or a saddle. Banepa, a significant town on the Arniko Highway that connects China and Panauti, lies about 8 kilometres away.

Some Honorary Mentions

  • Kapan Monastery Trail
  • Radhakrishna Temple AScent
  • Mudhku Village Trail
  • Bamboo Trail
  • Republic Trail


In Nepal, there are more cyclists than ever. The majority of this is a result of the nation’s regular fuel shortages and strikes. However, that isn’t the only factor. Cycling is popular among many people for various reasons, including as a form of exercise, a mode of transportation, a personal hobby, and contributing to a greener planet.

A biker’s adventure fantasy comes true in Nepal. Every year it draws hundreds of adventures. Cycling tours are perfect in the Kathmandu Valley and its surroundings.


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