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Courier/Cargo/Logistics Company in Kathmandu,Nepal


The world runs at a swift pace; so do our daily lives. The need for a hassle-free, prompt delivery service is paramount in our busy life. We never know when we will need to send a package to someone who lives away. It is natural to opt for professionalism and diligence in such services. One easy and reliable approach is a courier. 

Courier services are renowned for the prompt package delivery and online tracking of consignments. They also have a competitive edge over the traditional method in the sense that they are safer, quicker and superior. If you are looking for a courier company in Kathmandu, you are in the right place. There exist several domestic and international courier company in Kathmandu

List of Domestic/International Courier & Cargo Company in Kathmandu,Nepal


NepXpress started as a delivery company in Kathmandu more than four years ago. Its domestic and international courier service in Kathmandu is reliable and affordable. They make the local deliveries in around two hours; the express air courier takes between five to seven days. You can avail the cargo forwarding facility for both imports and exports from this Kathmandu cargo company. Upon request, they provide custom clearance service as well. Note that an android app is available on Playstore. NepXpress is one of the best logistic companies around Kathmandu. Find more about this Kathmandu cargo company. 

Address: Buddhanagar, Kathmandu 
Contact: 01 4783933/34
Email: info@nepexpress.com 
Website: https://www.nepxpress.com/
Service: Domestic &international 
Service: Domestic Courier, International Courier, Food Delivery, Liquor Delivery & Other

Aayo Express

Aayo express is a domestic courier company in Kathmandu that offers door to door delivery facility. It offers prompt services at upfront rates with zero overhead costs. Customers can place their demands for delivery and pickup at any time. You can track the location of the consignment during shipment. Moreover, there is insurance for all the goods, so you no longer have to worry. Get a reliable and reasonable facility at affordable prices along with free pickups. Find more about this domestic courier company in Kathmandu. 

Address: Kathmandu 44600, Nepal 
Contact: 01 4358079/ 01 4354202
Email: delivery@aayoexpress.com 
Website: https://aayoexpress.com/
Service: Domestic 
Service: Same Day Delivery, Next Day Delivery, On Demand Delivery

Kourtier Courier Pvt. Ltd. 

Kourtier Courier Pvt. Ltd. has been operating for over twenty decades now. It is among the leading logistic companies around Kathmandu. With a dedicated team of over thirty-two professionals, it provides both international & domestic courier services inside Kathmandu. The nationwide service points are in over 70 places, and the delivery network extends to more than 220 countries. This Kathmandu cargo company serves individuals, corporate houses and e-commerce businesses with its budget-friendly and time-efficient shipping and pickup services. Find out more about this domestic courier company in Kathmandu. 

Address: Nayabato, Dhobighat  
Contact: 01 5554516/17/18
Email: info@kourtiercourier.com.np 
Website: http://kourtiercourier.com.np/
Service: Domestic, International service
Service: Domestic Delivery, International Mail Solution, Value Added Service

Sajha Courier & Cargo Pvt. Ltd 

Sajha Courier & Cargo Pvt. Ltd aids people to ship their parcels, documents and cargo consignments from one place to another at affordable prices. There is an emergency delivery facility for those with urgent needs. The Kathmandu Cargo company guarantees the safety of good and confirms each shipment. Clients can send goods inside and outside the country. It offers top-notch international & domestic courier services inside Kathmandu. 

And, you can track each shipment with the online tracking system of this Kathmandu cargo company. It is one of the best logistic companies around Kathmandu. Get to know about the international & domestic courier services inside Kathmandu. 

Address: Anamnagar, Kathmandu
Contact: 01 5706789, 01 5705269, 01 5705373
Email: info@sajhacourier.com.np 
Service: Domestic and International
Service:  Pickup & Delivery, Packaging, Custom Clearance Service, Transportation Service

Namaste Cargo Nepal 

Namaste Cargo Nepal falls in the list of trustable logistic companies around Kathmandu. From sea freight to air freight, door to door cargo to express parcel and documents, this domestic courier company in Kathmandu has to offer a wide range of international & domestic courier services inside Kathmandu. Clients know this Kathmandu cargo company for its reliable and timely service. Here, professionals have both the technical know-how and experience in this field. You shall find the best prices for land, air and sea shipping. Learn more about their international & domestic courier services inside Kathmandu. 

Address: Thamel, Kathmandu
Phone: 01 4700720, 01 4239895
Email: cargoinnepal@gmail.com 
Website: namastecargonepal.com 
Service: Domestic, international 
Services: Import/Export Service, Sea Mail, Logistic Services, Land/Sea/Air Cargo, Courier Service, Air Mail

Reliance Logistics

Reliance Logistics is under the list of the top logistic companies around Kathmandu. It facilitates the easy exchange and transfer of goods in and outside Nepal via air and land transport. Here, you send goods to all across the world with the help of cross-border, sea and air freight facility. People trust this agency because of its high quality international & domestic courier services inside Kathmandu. There are two branches in Birgunj and Mechi. And, two offices reside in Kathmandu.

Get details about this international/domestic courier services inside Kathmandu. 

Address: Buddha Nagar, Kathmandu
Phone: 01 4785060
Email: info@reliance-logistics.com 
Website: http://www.reliance-logistics.com/
Service: domestic & international 
Service: Documentation and Trade consulting, Air Freight, Sea Freight, Air/Sea Transportation, Insurance Coverages, Project Shipments, Warehouse Managements, Customs Clearance, Cross-Border Haulage and Trucking

Aero Freight Nepal

Aero Freight Nepal stands in the courier market to serve people with its prompt and efficient international and domestic courier services inside Kathmandu. 

Continuous communication, honesty and diligence are its main assets. They offer a wide range of services like air & sea freight, parcel & documentation, warehousing, and door to door cargo. You will find high-quality services at transparent prices. Note that on-demand courier facility is available 24/7. Get in touch with this international/domestic courier company in Kathmandu below:

Address: Thamel, Kathmandu
Contact: 01 4701576, 9851272827, 9851222728
Email: info@aerofreight.com, nepalaerofreight@gmail.com 
Website: https://www.aerofreightnepal.com/
Service: domestic & international 
Service: Air Freight, Land Sea Freight, Courier Services, Customs Clearance, Packing & Removals, Warehousing & Distribution, Project Logistics, Critical Shipments & AOG

Noble Logistics Nepal Ltd. 

Noble Logistics Nepal Ltd. is a Kathmandu based international courier company. It began its operations in 1998. The purpose was to allow easy transfer of consignments from one country to another. The agency has a broad network throughout the world which helps customers ship their goods without any hassle. This Kathmandu cargo company provides quality and reliable facility to individuals and corporate agencies. Custom clearance, air and sea freight, air-sea freight, insurance, inventory management and warehousing are the primary services of the company. 

Address: Kamaladi, Kathmandu
Phone: 01 4436447, 01 4437433, 01 4437658
Email: info@noblefreight.com
Website: http://www.noblefreight.com/en/
Service: international 
Service: Documentation, Customs Clearance, Transportation, Multi Modal Transport, Consolidation (Buyers Consolidation), Air-Sea Freight, Warehousing , Distribution and Inventory management

Cargo Solution Nepal 

Cargo solution Nepal is another Kathmandu based international courier company. The company presents international cargo forwarding to its valued clients. The different types of services encompass project sea/air import & export, project shipments, warehousing, diplomatic cargoes, contingent cargoes, breakbulk buying and so on. The shipments move from the Nepal Tribhuwan International airport to any place in the world from this Kathmandu cargo company. It takes around four to ten days, depending on flight availability and season. 

Address: Baluwatar, Kathmandu 
Phone: 01 4413562, 01 4414603
Email: info@cs-nepal.com
Website: http://www.cs-nepal.com/
Service: international 
Service: Logistics Service, Air Cargo, Sea Cargo, Courier, Collection and Packing, Custom Clearance, Documentation, Warehouse, Cargo Insurance, Label & Tag Management

Premiere Cargo Nepal Pvt. Ltd.

The Kathmandu based international courier company, Premiere Cargo Nepal boasts a team of highly skilled and experienced professionals who bring you efficient cargo & courier facility. This agency handles over 900 consignments each year. What clients love is the prompt response, customer-friendly service and reasonable rates. Premiere Cargo has top quality shipping services with a reliable tracking system. This company has been working for a decade now and completed a hundred projects so far. It is one of the popular logistic companies around Kathmandu.

Address: Jyatha, Thamel 
Contact: 01 4264469, 9851080635
Email: premierecargonepal@gmail.com 
Website: https://premiercargonepal.com/
Service: international 
Service: Freight and Logistics Services, Worldwide Import and Export Services, Land/Sea/Air Cargo Services, Post Parcel Services, Express Courier Services

Pashupati Cargo & Export Services 

Kathmandu Based International courier company, Pashupati cargo & Export services specializes in courier and cargo forwarding from Nepal to countries across the globe. You shall find air & ocean freight, parcel and express documents, warehousing, door to door cargo, packing and transportation facility here. The services are available at budget-friendly prices. And, the experienced team makes sure they fulfil clients’ requests on time. Their customer pool includes importers, the United Nation, Nepal government, manufactures as well as traders. Get more details about this Kathmandu based international courier company below. 

Address: Thamel, Kathmandu 
Contact: 01 4410736, 01 4411307
Email: sales@pashupaticargo.com 
Website: https://www.pashupaticargo.com/
Service: International 
Service: Express Courier, Door to Door Cargo, Air/Sea Cargo, Project Cargo, Pick up Delivery, Complete Packing, Custom Clearance, Warehousing, Documentation, Charge Collect, Import/Export, Proof of Delivery (POD), Cargo Insurance

Pacific Cargo Nepal 

Another Kathmandu based international courier company is Pacific Cargo Nepal which promises promptness and high contentment. This agency was in the market since the year 2005. It exported carpets, garments & handicrafts to Germany, USA, France and U.K at first. You will find custom clearance, freight forwarding, shipping and so on here. With its close network with the government in different countries, Pacific Cargo Nepal offers timely and top quality service at economical prices. See more details about this Kathmandu based international courier company below.

Address: Narsingh Chowk, Kathmandu 
Phone: 01 4413752
Email: info@pacificcargonepal.com 
Website: https://pacificcargonepal.com/
Service: International 
Service: Road/Air/Sea Freight, Warehousing, Air Import & Export, Packaging & Storage, Multimodal Transport, Freight Forwarding, Supply Chain Solution

Rocket International Courier and Cargo

The Kathmandu based international courier company, Rocket International courier and Cargo brings you to express delivery, customized delivery, and international express courier facility to you. The professionals are highly skilled, experienced and dedicated. They complete each project with proper research and communication with the clients. Customers can track their items’ destination with the tracking code. Find the contact details about this Kathmandu based international courier company below. 

Address: Gaushala, Kathmandu 
Contact: 01 4477613
Email: rocketintl@gmail.com 
Website: http://www.rocketcouriercargo.com/
Service: International 
Service: Express Delivery, International Express Courier Services, Customized Delivery

KTM Couriers 

KTM Couriers is a convenient domestic courier company in Kathmandu. You place an online order through your phone and mention the pickup address for goods, and they deliver it to the destination. Whole communication takes place through the mobile application. This domestic courier company in Kathmandu makes pickup and has items like invoices or receipts, pharmaceutical items, bill payments, small grocery items, clothes and so on. Find more about the domestic courier company in Kathmandu. 

Address: Sanepa, Lalitpur  
Mobile: 9801141260, 9851141260
Email:  customerservice@ktmcouriers.com                                               
Website: https://www.ktmcouriers.com 
Service: Kathmandu Valley
Service:  Pickup & Delivery of Documents, Letters, Packages, Clothes, Bill Payment, Cash and Other Goods

Find an international/ domestic courier company in Kathmandu with this list. 


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