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Best Online Earning App in Nepal – List of 15 Best Earning Apps in Nepal

In recent years, Nepal has experienced a surge in online earning opportunities, with numerous apps promising financial rewards for simple tasks.

With a smartphone and a stable internet connection, the dream of earning money online is now a reality for many Nepalis. Let’s dive into Nepal’s top 15 earning apps and see which ones are worth your time.

The Digital Transformation in Nepal

The beauty of the digital age is the constant evolution of earning avenues. Gone are the days when Nepalis solely relied on conventional jobs.

With the emergence of Nepal’s best online earning app, locals have been tapping into global opportunities from the comfort of their homes.

The increasing accessibility of smartphones and affordable data has further facilitated this digital transition. Read more about Nepal’s digital transformation.

Why Trust is Essential in Online Earning Platforms

We all want to earn, but at what cost? Amid Nepal’s vast ocean of money-making apps, not every wave brings treasures.

Some platforms might be fraudulent, leading to wasted time or lost money. Hence, trusting a genuine medium is crucial. Always prioritize security and reliability.

Top 15 Earning Apps in Nepal: A Curated List

  1. YouTube
    The world’s leading video platform and a significant space for creators in Nepal and globally. From uploading content and engaging with subscribers to monetizing through ads, creators can earn while entertaining or educating. Dive into YouTube. Visit Youtube

    How to Earn with YouTube:
    . Monetize through the YouTube Partner Program.
    . Engage with brand sponsorships and collaborations.
    . Use Super Chats and Memberships to earn from dedicated followers.

    Payment method: AdSense, Direct Transfers
    Minimum Withdraw: Depends on the payment method (Typically $100 for AdSense)
    Ratings: ★★★★★
    Launched In: 2005
    Type: Video Sharing & Monetization
    Total Views: Billions daily
  2. Toluna
    TolunaToluna, a global platform tailored for Nepali users, offers a variety of surveys and opinion-sharing tasks.

    By completing these surveys, users can earn points converted into cash or vouchers, making it a popular choice for those looking to voice opinions and earn simultaneously. Explore Toluna.

    How to Earn with Toluna:
    · Complete daily surveys.
    · Participate in community polls.
    · Create your content or polls to gather opinions.

    Payment method: PayPal, Gift Cards 
    Minimum Withdraw: 30,000 Points (Equivalent to approx. NPR 1000) 
    Ratings: ★★★☆☆ 
    Launched In 2000 (Global) 
    Type: Survey Platform 
    Total Downloads: 500K in Nepal
  3. Freelancer
    Freelancer connects professionals from Nepal with clients across the world. Catering to a vast array of skills, from writing to web development, it’s an ideal platform for those seeking remote work opportunities.

    Users can bid on projects, showcase their portfolios, and earn handsomely. Join Freelancer.

    How to Earn with Freelancer:
    · Create an impressive profile showcasing skills.
    · Bid on suitable projects.
    · Deliver quality work to earn positive reviews and get more projects.

    Payment method: Bank Transfer, PayPal 
    Minimum Withdraw: $30 
    Ratings: ★★★★☆ 
    Launched In 2009 (Global) 
    Type: Freelance Marketplace 
    Total Downloads: 100K+ in Nepal
  4. Upwork
    Upwork is a premier global platform connecting freelancers with potential clients. With a stringent quality check, it boasts high-quality projects.

    It caters to diverse fields such as writing, graphic designing, programming, and more. Upwork ensures professionals get paid decently for their skills and time.

    How to Earn with Upwork:
    · Bid on Relevant Projects: Search for jobs that align with your skills and submit competitive proposals.
    · Offer Package Deals: Bundle services to provide comprehensive solutions and attract bigger projects.
    · Engage in Hourly Contracts: Use Upwork’s time tracker to bill clients for hours worked on their projects.
    . Accept Fixed-Price Jobs: Agree on a set price for a complete project and deliver within the agreed timeframe.
    . Build a Client Base: Offer exceptional service to encourage repeat contracts from satisfied clients.
    . Upsell Your Services: Recommend additional services to benefit the client’s project or business.
    . Participate in Upwork Talent Programs: Join specialized groups like “Upwork Pro” for premium job listings.
    . Seek Long-Term Contracts: Focus on clients seeking ongoing work or long-term collaborations.
    . Expand Skill Set: Learn trending skills in high demand on the platform to increase job opportunities.
    . Network with Fellow Freelancers: Collaborate on bigger projects or get referred to clients by other freelancers.

    Payment method: Bank Transfer, PayPal, Payoneer 
    Minimum Withdraw: $100 (can vary based on the technique) 
    Ratings: ★★★★☆ 
    Launched In 2015 (from the merger of oDesk and Elance) 
    Type: Freelance Job Platform 
    Total Downloads: 200K+ in Nepal
  5. Facebook
    As a dominant digital platform, Facebook presents myriad earning opportunities for the Nepali audience. From small enterprises to individual influencers, many are capitalizing on targeted ads to reach a broader audience. Business pages have become essential tools, allowing local businesses to showcase their offerings and engage with customers.

    The Facebook Marketplace is rapidly gaining traction in Nepal, enabling individuals and businesses to trade products seamlessly. By harnessing these tools effectively, Nepali users are not just connecting socially but also leveraging the platform for substantial economic gains.

    How to Earn with Facebook:
    · Monetize Video Content: Use Facebook’s Ad Breaks for eligible videos to earn a share of ad revenue.
    · Sponsored Posts: Partner with brands to create content and get paid for promoting their products or services.
    · Sell Products on Facebook Marketplace: List items, attract buyers, and make sales.
    . Host Paid Online Workshops or Webinars: Use Facebook events to promote and charge for online educational sessions.
    . Run a Facebook Shop: Integrate an online store with your Facebook page to sell products directly.
    . Offer Subscription Services: Charge for exclusive content or memberships.
    . Utilize Facebook Ads: Run targeted campaigns for others or teach businesses how to use Facebook ads and charge for your services effectively.
    . Offer Social Media Management Services: Manage Facebook pages for businesses or individuals and charge for content creation, posting, and engagement strategies.

    Payment method: Ad Payments, Marketplace Transactions
    Minimum Withdraw: Depends on the revenue stream, typically $100 for ad revenues.
    Ratings: ★★★★☆
    Launched In: 2004
    Type: Social Networking & Business
    Total Downloads: 5B+
  6. Instagram
    A photo-sharing application turned influencer hotspot, Instagram allows users to post content, collaborate with brands, and sell products. IGTV, Shopping, and brand collaborations are major monetization routes. Check out Instagram.

    How to Earn with Instagram:
    · Collaborate with brands for sponsored posts and stories.
    · Use Instagram Shopping to sell products.
    · Monetize IGTV videos with ads.

    Payment method: Varies based on collaborations and brand deals 
    Minimum Withdraw: Varies 
    Ratings: ★★★★★
    Launched In: 2010 (Global) 
    Type: Photo Sharing Platform 
    Total Downloads: 5Billion+

  7. Qmee
    Qmee is an international platform allowing users to earn quick bucks by participating in surveys, watching ads, and shopping online.

    The best part? No minimum cashout limit will enable you to withdraw your earnings anytime. Try Qmee.

    How to Earn with Qmee:
    · Participate in Surveys: Participate in paid online surveys tailored to your demographics and interests.
    · Browse & Shop Online: Use the Qmee browser extension to earn cash rewards when shopping with partnered brands.
    · Search the Web: Earn random cash rewards when you search on popular search engines like Google, Bing, or Yahoo with the Qmee extension active.
    · Refer Friends: Share your referral link, and when they sign up and use Qmee, you’ll get a bonus.
    · Download the Mobile App: Stay updated on new surveys and earn on the go by using Qmee on your mobile device.
    · Watch Videos: Some users may get opportunities to earn by watching videos.
    · Claim Daily Offers: Check out the Qmee app or website for daily offers and deals.
    · Engage with Pop-up Ads: When using the browser extension, click on relevant Qmee pop-up ads to earn.
    · Cash Out with No Minimum: Withdraw your earnings anytime with no minimum requirement to services like PayPal or opt for gift cards.
    · Stay Active: Engage with the platform regularly to access various surveys and offers.

    Payment method: PayPal 
    Minimum Withdraw: No minimum 
    Ratings: ★★★☆☆ 
    Launched In 2012 (Global) 
    Type: Survey & Cashback Platform 
    Total Downloads: 50K+ in Nepal
  8. Swagbucks
    Swagbucks, a global giant, has been expanding its reach in Nepal. Users earn “Swagbucks” (SB), the platform’s virtual currency, by watching videos, shopping online, searching the web, and more.

    These SBs can be redeemed for gift cards or PayPal cash. Check out Swagbucks.

    How to Earn with Swagbucks:
    · Take Surveys: Participate in market research by answering survey questions.
    · Watch Videos: Earn by viewing video playlists curated by Swagbucks.
    · Shop Online: Get cash back when purchasing at partnered retailers through Swagbucks.
    · Use the Swagbucks Search Engine: Earn simply by using their search tool instead of others like Google.
    . Play Games: Play popular online games via Swagbucks to earn points.
    . Refer Friends: Get referral bonuses when friends sign up and earn on Swagbucks.
    . Complete Daily Goals: Achieve daily tasks set by Swagbucks for bonus earnings.
    . Redeem Special Offers: Participate in special promotions or trial offers from Swagbucks partners.
    . Activate Swag Codes: Keep an eye out for special codes released by Swagbucks on their site or social media and redeem them for points.
    Participate in Competitions and Polls: Engage in daily polls or occasional contests to earn extra.

    Swagbucks earnings come in the form of points called SBs, which can then be redeemed for gift cards, PayPal cash, or other rewards. The value of an SB varies depending on the redemption method chosen.

    Payment method: PayPal, Gift Cards 
    Minimum Withdraw: Varies (Approx. 300 SBs for a $3 gift card) 
    Ratings: ★★★★☆ 
    Launched In 2008 (Global) 
    Type: Rewards & Cashback 
    Total Downloads: 60K+ in Nepal
  9. Honeygain
    Honeygain is a unique app that lets you earn by sharing unused internet bandwidth. The app operates seamlessly in the background, making it a passive source of income.

    Ideal for those in Nepal with stable internet connections, Honeygain transforms idle resources into earnings. Discover Honeygain.

    How to Earn with Honeygain:

    · Share Your Internet: Earn by allowing Honeygain to use your unused internet bandwidth.
    · Install on Multiple Devices: Increase earnings by having the app on several devices, such as phones, tablets, and PCs.
    · Refer Friends: Use your referral link to invite friends to Honeygain and get a percentage of their daily earnings.
    · Maintain Active Connection: Ensure a stable and active internet connection for Honeygain to utilize effectively.
    · Use Content Delivery (if available): Opt into the Content Delivery feature to earn more by sharing a fixed amount of your internet.
    · Stay Updated: Regularly update the Honeygain app to ensure optimal performance and new earning features.
    · Activate Daily Bonuses: Some regions may offer bonuses for daily usage, so check the app regularly.
    · Ensure Safe Usage: Always use the app directly from official sources to prevent any unauthorized versions that might misuse your connection.
    · Monitor Data Limits: If you have data caps, monitor usage to avoid incurring extra costs.
    · Cash Out Regularly: Once you reach the minimum withdrawal amount, cash out your earnings to PayPal or other supported methods.

    Honeygain’s primary earning method is through sharing unused internet bandwidth. The more you share, the more you earn, but always consider any data limitations or costs you might have.

    Payment method: PayPal, Bitcoin 
    Minimum Withdraw: $20 
    Ratings: ★★★★☆ 
    Launched In 2019 (Global) 
    Type: Passive Earning App 
    Total Downloads: 40K+ in Nepal
  10. TikTok
    A global phenomenon, TikTok has also made its mark in Nepal. Known primarily for short-form video content, it has evolved as a platform where content creators can monetize their popularity.

    With the TikTok Creator Fund and brand collaborations, many Nepali TikTokers have transformed their digital presence into a profitable venture.

    How to Earn with TikTok:
    · Create Engaging Content: Build a substantial follower base by consistently posting captivating and original videos.
    · Join the TikTok Creator Fund: Once eligible, apply to the fund to get paid directly by TikTok based on video performance.
    · Brand Partnerships: Collaborate with brands to create sponsored content for your audience.
    · Live Streaming: Go live on TikTok and receive “gifts” from your followers, which can be converted into “diamonds” that you can cash in.
    · Sell Merchandise: Promote and sell custom merchandise to your followers.
    · Host Paid Workshops: Offer masterclasses or workshops to followers interested in your skills, whether dancing, cooking or any other talent.
    · Affiliate Marketing: Promote products in your videos and earn a commission on sales made through your referral.
    · Offer Consultation Services: If you’re an expert in a field, offer consultation services to followers or businesses.
    · Participate in Challenges: Some brands host challenges offering cash prizes for the best content.
    · Engage with Fans: Building a loyal and engaged follower base can open up more avenues for monetization in the long run.

    As with any social media platform, building a genuine and engaged following on TikTok is the key. It provides a foundation upon which many of the aforementioned monetization strategies rely.

    Payment method: Bank Transfer, PayPal (for the Creator Fund). 
    Minimum Withdraw: Varies based on payment method and brand deals. 
    Ratings: ★★★★★ 
    Launched In 2016 (as TikTok for international markets) 
    Type: Short-Form Video Platform 
    Total Downloads: 1M+ in Nepal
  11. IQ Option
    provides a platform for trading various assets, including stocks, forex, and cryptocurrencies.

    Recognized globally and used by many in Nepal, grasping trading basics is crucial to succeed. While the profit potential is high, so are the risks, so trade wisely.

    How to Earn with IQ Option:
    · Educate Yourself: Understand the basics of trading and its associated risks. IQ Option offers educational materials to help beginners.
    · Practice with a Demo Account: Before trading with real money, use the demo account to practice and develop a strategy without risking actual funds.
    · Choose Your Preferred Instrument: Decide whether you want to trade forex, stocks, cryptocurrencies, or binary options, among others.
    · Analyze the Market: Use technical and fundamental analysis to make informed decisions.
    · Set Realistic Goals: Define what you aim to achieve, be it daily, weekly, or monthly targets.
    · Use Stop Loss and Take Profit: These tools help you automate trades to limit losses or lock in profits at predetermined levels.
    · Stay Updated: Follow news that could affect markets, such as economic announcements or geopolitical events.
    · Manage Your Risk: Only invest what you can afford to lose, and avoid putting all your capital in one trade.
    · Participate in Tournaments: IQ Option sometimes offers tournaments where traders can compete for prizes.
    · Withdraw Profits Regularly: Ensure you regularly cash out your profits and maintain a disciplined approach to money management.

    It’s essential to emphasize that trading on platforms like IQ Option involves significant risks. Losing the entire investment is possible, so it’s crucial to trade responsibly and seek education or consultation before diving in.

    Payment method: Bank Transfer, e-wallets, and more 
    Minimum Withdraw: $10 
    Ratings: ★★★☆☆ 
    Launched In 2013 (Global) 
    Type: Trading Platform 
    Total Downloads: 80K+ in Nepal
  12. Mero Paisa
    Mero Paisa
    A homegrown solution, Mero Paisa is gaining traction among Nepalis as a trustworthy digital wallet and financial service.

    Mero Paisa, a financial application in Nepal, allows users to manage their finances more effectively. Explore Mero Paisa.

    How to Earn with Mero Paisa:
    · Use the app’s features to save on expenses.
    · Participate in promotions or referrals for bonuses.

    Payment method: bank transfer, mobile wallet   
    Minimum Withdraw: depends on the platform’s terms and conditions 
    Ratings: ★★★★☆
    Launched In: Mar 26, 2017 
    Type: Financial Management App 
    Total Downloads: 100K+ in Nepal
  13. Khalti
    Khalti, another prominent digital wallet in Nepal, goes beyond financial transactions. 
    With varied promotional offers, cashback opportunities, and occasional tasks, users can earn while they spend or transfer money. Explore Khalti.

    How to Earn with Khalti:
    · Engage in cashback promotions.
    · Participate in surveys or tasks when available.
    · Refer friends to earn referral bonuses.

    Payment method: Mobile Wallet 
    Minimum Withdraw: NPR 500 
    Ratings: ★★★★☆ 
    Launched In 2017 
    Type: Digital Wallet & Rewards 
    Total Downloads: 800K+
  14. Mero Kamahi
    Mero Kamahi
    Mero Kamahi is a Nepal-centric platform that rewards users with credit for completing small gig tasks. These tasks range from spinning a wheel to watching videos. Payments for accumulated credits are dispensed via Esewa at the end of each month. Visit Mero Kamahi.

    How to Earn with Mero Kamahi:
    · Complete gig tasks such as spinning wheels or watching videos.
    · Regularly engage with the platform to maximize earnings.
    · Accumulate credits and withdraw them through Esewa at month’s end.

    Payment method: Esewa, Payoneer and Recharge 
    Minimum Withdraw: Depends on the platform’s terms and conditions 
    Ratings: ★★★☆☆ 
    Launched In: Sep 16, 2021
    Type: Financial Management App 
    Total Downloads: 50K+ in Nepal
  15. Big Cash
    Big Cash
    Big Cash App, boasting over 40 million users, is one of India’s premier real money mobile gaming platforms. It offers many games, including Call Break, 8 Ball Pool, Fruit Chop, and Rummy. With its wide array of options, the app appeals to gamers looking to combine entertainment with an opportunity to earn real money.

    How to Earn with Tootle:
    · Participate in real money games such as Call Break, 8 Ball Pool, Fruit Chop, and Rummy.
    · Win matches or tournaments to accumulate cash rewards.
    · Regularly engage with promotional events or particular games for bonus earnings.
    · Refer friends to join the platform and benefit from referral bonuses.

    Payment method: Digital Wallet, Khalti 
    Minimum Withdraw: NPR 500 
    Ratings: ★★★★☆ 
    Launched In: Mar 17, 2021 
    Type: Money Mobile Gaming Platform  
    Total Downloads: 1 million+
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Personal Note: While there are many money-earning apps in Nepal, it’s imperative to understand each platform’s nuances, benefits, and potential risks. Do thorough research, read reviews, and perhaps even consult with experienced users before diving in. After all, with the right approach, these platforms can become a significant source of income.

Factors to Consider When Choosing an Earning App

Before diving in, consider these:

  • Payout Methods: Ensure they are compatible with Nepal’s financial systems.
  • User Reviews:
  • Task Variety: Ensure a range of tasks aligned with your skills and interests.

The digital revolution in Nepal has opened a multitude of online earning doors. With Nepal’s best online earning app at your fingertips, financial empowerment is just a click away.

Always approach each platform cautiously, ensuring it aligns with your skills and passion. Have you used any of these apps? Share your experiences below or suggest other platforms that have been profitable for you!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Online Earning Apps in Nepal

1. What are the top 15 earning apps in Nepal?

Various apps offer online earning opportunities in Nepal, including TikTok, Honeygain, IQ Option, and YouTube.

3. Are there any free money-earning apps in Nepal?

Yes, apps like Honeygain allow you to earn money passively without any investment.

4. How do money-earning apps in Nepal work?

These apps often provide services, cashback, surveys, and tasks or use unused resources like internet bandwidth.

5. Is the TikTok app a good platform for earning in Nepal?

Yes, many content creators in Nepal earn through TikTok by joining the TikTok Creator Fund and collaborating with brands for sponsored content.

6. How can I withdraw money from these online earning apps?

Withdrawal methods vary by app. Some offer bank transfers, while others provide e-wallet, PayPal, or even cryptocurrency options.

7. Are all Nepali earning apps trustworthy?

Like anywhere in the world, it’s essential to research and read reviews about an app before trusting it. Look for apps with a good reputation and positive user feedback.

8. Do I need to pay taxes on earnings from online apps in Nepal?

It’s always a good idea to consult with a local tax professional regarding earnings from online platforms.

9. How can I increase my earnings on these apps?

Engaging regularly, understanding platform dynamics, participating in promotions, and referring friends can help increase your earnings.

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